IF Men acted like FEMINISTS!


Referee Nick Patrick - WCW Magazine [Spring 1997]

Whenever you felt like a storyline needed some further clarification in WCW, the official magazine always had your back. Quite frankly, it sounds like Nick Patrick’s life in wrestling improving dramatically after the nWo showed up, so can you really blame a guy for taking the easy money?

Also, only 200 lbs!!? BULLSHIT.


How to Reload Your Pistol and Rifle - Part 1 of 3


“Luger Sells Out… AGAIN!” - WCW Magazine [March 1999]

The feature story inside featured heavily on the career of “The Total Package”, with the magazine lashing out at Luger’s sudden heel-turn on Goldberg and Konnan in early 1999. The magazine mentions the two nWo factions reuniting on the infamous Nitro that saw Nash lay down for Hogan, yet no “Fingerpoke of Doom” phrases at all. I wonder what was the first outlet/site to use and popularize that…


College Conspiracy (Full Length)

“College education is the biggest scam in American history.”


Underground Tunnels for Illuminati NWO: NSA Homeland Security, Walmart & Jade Helm Exposed

Walmart New World Order Underground Tunnels For NSA Homeland Security Part 1 - Underground Tunnels Part 2 - Walmart Exposed - Connections to Bush Family and Elite Part 3 - Why all manufacturing went to China Part 4 - Walmart Closings Cover Up Part 5 - Jade Helm The question is, “What are they preparing for?” 1. Asteroid - Sept 23, 2015? 2. WWIII ? 3. NWO Economic Collapse ?