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Song Of The Day: Throwback (1/10/13)

Song: My Language

Artist: Macklemore

Album: The Language of my World

Macklemore’s first full-length album dropped in 2005 and introduced us to the rapper we all know and love. This is our first glimpse into hearing him touch on topics on a deeply personal level. The Heist is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but The Language of My World will forever be a classic. You can stream the full length album here


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Kick Off National Tour

If you have ever been to a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert, you would know that these guys boast one of the best shows produced from the NW Hip Hop scene.

It’s not just flashy lights and stage tricks.

If you have never been to a show, imagine: when you combine the instrumental talent of a DJ like Ryan Lewis and the high-energy stage presence and delivery of Macklemore, the result is a musical experience that separates the duo from the rest.

Don’t get me wrong, opening acts such as fellow Seattle artists like XP and Sol bring their own flavor to the mix that accents the show very well. But you can bet that when the headliners take the stage, there’s no stopping the two from showing that NW Hip Hop is ready to make a name for itself.

Catch them in action here.

Check out this video of the duo from Bumbershoot 2011 by Gray Matter Productions.

See more photos here.


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