thegamercontinuumblog said:

Hey Woolie! I enjoyed your Nuzlocke series videos! I was wondering if doing the Nuzlocke series ever inspired you to try playing competitively with the current games?

Opposite, sadly. Nuzlocke and the emotional feedback roller-coaster that carried it were more that enough to put me off from ever wanting to play with people who take Pokemon super seriously. No offense to the tourney peeps, but holy shit I’m so done

an OOC note

I’ll be completely honest about why Diamond fell short:

The 4th generation is simply my least favourite, and in my opinion, the weakest games.

Do I like them? Hell sure I do! But they lack anything compelling for me as far as an audience goes, and partly, I think my brain is worn to the bone (or some such analogy) trying not to spin it into my fanfiction-verse.

So, fuck it, I’m going to call it abandoned.

I have two other games though. Two games I love a lot. A LOT. Well, one of them anyway.

White is my favourite Pokemon game among the main series.

I’ve never beaten White 2.

But perhaps with this blog, I’ll change that.

I really did like doing this, though, even if only a few of you ever read it, and I’d like to get back into it, with part one of the adventure through Unova.

So, the question I always ask at the start of a game:

Which starter do I want to pick in White?

ok so my brother told me about this really cool project called pokemon zeta/omicron where a couple of people have made a pokemon game (well two games technically because it has two versions but u get me) from scratch in rpgmaker and it has every pokemon from gens 1-5 (and possibly some gen 6 i’m not 100% sure) and its own story and enemy team and TWO REGIONS and your pokemon follows you around like in hg/ss

it’s in public beta and you can get it here

don’t let the recoloured/reused sprites put you off or make you think it’s been lazily done or anything, it’s really fun and the story is probably as good as an actual pokemon game






you can play it as a nuzlocke run

mariodeblob41 said:

How far is your Nuzlocke challenge going?

So far been good, Brunhild evolved into Greninja, Atapi pretty much kills everything on sight, Gardevoir annihilated the electric pokemon gym and Victor the snorlax just tanks everything.

I caught a goomy in the swamp area and accidentally killed a klefki on route 15