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That thing where Peter Sagan ___________. <insert random s*** done on a bike>.

Kendall dropped onto his belly and peered up at him. He tucked his head between his paws. “Sorry.”

Logan sighed and lay down in front of him, pushing his nose against his. “You promise you won’t bite my ears anymore?”

Kendall’s eyes lit up. He lifted his head and nodded, thumping his tail against the ground. “I promise!” he barked eagerly, leaping to his feet and licking Logan’s face until he laughed and rolled onto his back.


After being so inspired by  Vita’s subtle planting of the Nuttery at Sissinghurst , I found a small space at the back of my existing miniature fruit garden to recreate a snippet of the Nuttery plants. Vita’s original planting seems to  be a sweeping monochrome, from purest white of the Anemone nemorosa and the albino effect of the Hyacinthoides non-scripta through ivory and sulphur yellow of the Primula vulgaris and elatior  punctuated with bold acid greens held aloft the cylindrically arranged  foliage of Euphorbia amygladoides var. robbaie . I have spent many an hour trying to find the deep secrets of the Nuttery, something as elusive as the beautiful effect it gives when its looking its best in late May. Even head gardener Alexis Datta keeps the plant list close to her chest. So i have done my best to simulate how I feel the planting could be recreated. next year its set to be in full swing, please follow my facebook page for a full plant list of my woodland plants. 

Alan Keyes Wants To Start A Civil War If The Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Gay Marriage

Alan Keyes Wants To Start A Civil War If The Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Gay Marriage

Before Allen West, before Herman Cain, even before the Tea Party, one of the nuttiest of right-wing wing nuttery happened to be African-American. His name was (and still is) Alan Keyes and he’s mostly known for his extreme anti-choice views, but he took to World Net Daily to call for civil war in case gay marriage is made legal.

In his Op-Ed, Keyes makes the claim that if the Supreme Court were…

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Congress, Crypto and Craziness

Congress, Crypto and Craziness

Crazy is never in short supply in Washington. Through lean times and boom times, regardless of who is in the White House or which party controls the Congress, the one resource that’s reliably renewable is nuttery.

This is never more true than when that venerable and voluble body takes up a topic with some technical nuance to it. The appearance of words such as “Internet”, “computers” or…

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elbywoggit asked:

TALOS, language nuttery, Stargate, SuperMom Hero Adventure Time, surprise-filled holocrons

Yeah, this is pretty much my blog XD XD XD

SuperMom Hero Adventure Time? Sometimes it really does feel like that. XD

And recently, my holocrons have been of the N7 variety. Kaidan Alenko, anyone? :-) [Dammit, what is it with me and dark-haired Healers????]

The Desperate Need of Gay Activists to Pretend Everybody Is Gay


Written by GayPatriot Larry Kramer is one of those ancient, radical gay activists we’re all supposed to be so grateful to for having the courage to come out and make gay obnoxiousness socially acceptable. He’s also a big part of the reason gay activism is such a hotbed of nuttery….

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