It's the nutrition stupid!!!

So this friday, I was gleefully looking forward to the weekend….who doesn’t??  Unless of course you work on weekends. I digress of course. I was looking forward to it because I have time off with my family but most importantly, I get to go out and eat and eat my way thru the weekend…YEAH! So, I eat good ALL week and my reward, like being off of work is to binge and gorge myself on Frappuccino’s, Five Guy’s burgers, Ice Cream you name it!  Why is it or rather how is it that I developed SUCH and emotional connection with this idea. This Pavlovian treat and reward system I have trained myself into. I keeping telling myself that I am not a dog, that I don’t need a reward for crossing the street! That I only need food for ‘fuel’, but I am frustrated with my mindset.

I often wonder if this is why men can lose weight quicker and easier(besides that reved up metabolism). They have not as many emotional connections to eating. I came up with this theory while trying to quit smoking(I finally successfully quit once and for all August 25th, 2010!) but I had such an emotional connection and it was my most intimate friend. It was there when I was sad, it was there to celebrate with drinks, it was there when I was stressed, it was there when I was ready to relax. I think I have the same relationship with food and I need to figure out how to remove myself from this abusive relationship! I should be able to enjoy my weekends without having to feel sad that I can’t binge my way thru eating garbage food. 

This dynamic and mindset is my next mission on getting this body into the shape I have always dreamed of as I KNOW that nutrition is 80% of losing weight and getting fit. As one of my favorite trainers, Geoff Blake says, ‘No matter how hard I workout, you just can’t out run a cheeseburger!’