La clave es el balance! Enfocada en mi meta. Buen día a todos. Traducción: tu cuerpo no es un enemigo el cual necesita ser golpeado y dejarlo pasar hambre para someterlo. Pon tu cuerpo y tu mente a trabajar para ti y todas tus metas (incluyendo el bajar de peso) serán muchos más fáciles. La comida fue creada por una razón. Cada comida tiene unos beneficios específicos y también desventajas. La clave es el balance. Mucho de cualquier cosa puede dañarte. Pero poco de cualquier cosa puede dañarte aun mas. #21dayschallenge #divaskitchen #divas21 #2weekandfeelingbetter #nutritionisthekey #lanutricioneslaclave #enfocadaenmimeta #voyami

I’m off to the gym…. I’ve got level 10 to achieve

Love being fit and healthy at the age of 40 but this is only 20% of what I do, the 80% is nutrition which is more important and I can help. If keen to know more you can email me on #loseweight #gainweight #increaseenergy #educateonnutrition #nutritionisthekey #helpsrecovery #keepsyouyounger #antiageing #cellularnutrition #herbalife #mission

  1. nutritionisthekey said: I’ve thought about how weird that is too
  2. sunalwaysshining said: Oh, I know! It isn’t just you… and I always feel bulky in skinny jeans even though most of my legs are muscle… it’s like they don’t have fashion for overweight or fit people, just really really skinny people most of the times :(

Oh good, I’m glad I’m not alone then! haha..yeah, it’s hard though because once you get out of the simply “skinny” realm, there’s so many shapes and sizes for every fit and overweight body that I almost can’t blame them for not having more. almost lol.

blaueyedrascal asked:

Yeah I was going through the Penn State tag and saw your post and I just got really excited. You're the only person that I actually know on here! Also I love your background picture (and your picture picture) ^-^

Thanks! My background picture is from when we went hiking with Karl, though you probably realized that hahaa.