Don't mind me, just being emotional over Nellie's song

Ugh, Lights

It’s so beautiful and fresh and amazing and all the other positive adjectives in the world. The meaning is a little unclear for us fans, but I really like that. It could very well be about Michael or Blake romance, but it could also be about so many other things.

It could be about Nellie’s dreams and pursuing her music career. It could be about her trying to just find the balance between dreams and reality in general. The man-made lights are in the way of the natural starlight and all that. Guess it’s just up to Nellie to know, and us to listen and enjoy and perhaps attempt to interpret it with or without our shipper hearts involved.

It could be about Nutella for all we know, and that’s one of the beauties of it.

I’m getting way to emotional, I’m going to stop now. But seriously, ugh, it’s amazing. I hate to ruin such a beautiful song, but I’m probably going to be singing it nonstop for the next couple whatevers.

Blessed with the best. Thank you all. @ayegaarcia @theresedegula @geezjayr @aisamae510 @mazierrr @whoakathleen #Nutellie #Erika and thanks to everyone for the greetings.