nursing school woes

One more day on this god forsaken unit. Worst possible placement… between the lack of communication, horizontal violence, and some of the rudest nurses on the planet, I don’t know how I made it.

But, hell, even if I don’t come out of this a happy girl, I know I’ll come out of it a kickass nurse.

Physical Assessment Checkoff today!

Gonna die. 

Basically it’s checking a patient from head to toe. Literally everything. 

I just hope I don’t forget something stupid, like checking the skin turgor, fingernails or something even more basic, like washing my hands before.

askdfs;ad jks; jfdksa I can’t do this. 

In addition, I have 2 careplans to write, a clinical evaluation, and another assessment over the patient I had last week. All that is due tomorrow during clinicals.

Why the crap am I a nursing student again?

I feel like I’m going to be asking myself this question for the next two years.

most difficult part of nursing school, tbh, is learning how to pronounce drug names like

it always goes down one of two ways:

1) i damn well KNOW i don’t know how to say it and spend a good thirty seconds stuttering over it/trying to guess how many syllables were actually intended. even if i am reading quietly to myself

2) when i read it in my head it’s like ‘yeah. that’s it. that sounds good. alright, i am so getting better at this” then i open my mouth to try and talk to my instructor and it’s like “chlorp. chloro- chloroproma. chlor. chlorpromoraz. chloroporomorozoro?? chlorpromor. chlor. CHLOR???” and the worst part is they just sit there and watch you crash the struggle bus in a blaze into mortified mountain.

it looks like patience but i’m like 98% sure it’s sadism

HESI in less than 12 hours.

I should be asleep.

I’ve studied non stop. 

Gotta be at clinical site at 7am, have a patient, leave for lunch at 11:30, poster project presentation during lunch hour, and drive back to school to take the HESI. 

Pray for me guys. 

And if you have money for coffee, send it along please.

I jest. 

Not really.

Wish me luck guys! I need at least an 88 on it to pass the course!!!

ugh, i am sick of school. I am even off for the semester because i didnt get into the freaking program that would have started this semester. Ok, that isnt that bad so just move on…right? Anyway, so now i have been wait-listed to the next one i applied to. better than being straight up rejected; however, idk why i was wait listed and i went to accept my spot on the wait list and cant. they sent a faulty link so now im in limbo and i have wait…ugh, im so over everything dealing with school.