This week on ‘WTF ICU’, a patient has a tattoo of a penis.

Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face when you suddenly discover that on someone’s thigh?!

...with some exceptions, of course

caine= local anesthetics
cillin= antibiotics
dine= anti-ulcer agents
done= opiod analgesics
ide= oral hypoglycemics
iam= antianxiety agents
micin= antibiotics
nium= neuromuscular blocking agents
olol= beta blockers
ole= anti-fungal
oxacin= antibiotics
pam= antianxiety agents
pril= ace inhibitors
sone= steroids
statin= antihyperlipidemics
vir= antivirals
zide= diuretics

Lost 3 16-year old boys last night. Emergency Nursing will destroy your heart. 

3 mothers and 3 fathers are waking up this morning to find out they no longer have a son.

please do not text and drive. It’s not worth it.