grocery-store-peach said:

I feel the same about nursha, if i hear anything from her i'll let you know and vice versa? She made me feel so calm and not so lonely. Hope you are alright too.

thank you for this. I’ll let you know anything i find out. hopefully we can blossom from nursha’s knowledge and beauty and spread the love and joy and serenity she once did

girl-hair said:                                                                                            

i had a bloody nose today i should have taken a picture :(

i miss the ones you used to have posted. take more when it happens again!

anonymous said:

whenever I see ur asks I always think u should have a like a column in a magazine called "ask nursha" and it can just be u giving advice to random things bc ur so good at it!! 💕

aw thanks thats so nice:) i always feel like i must sound delusional and silly and small minded so its good to hear that♡

anonymous said:

nursha how do you deal with feeling all alone in the world? why does it seem like everyone has someone that loves them except me?

i have felt like that since i was tiny so it just made me very self reliant and solitary, i cant depend on others. the illusion was shed at a very young age for me haha.. its kind of freeing honestly. and i think maybe its just my experience, but when i watch movies and hear people talk about love, i feel like a lot of it is unrealistic and idealized, and it sets people up to feel unfulfilled and alone, when really its just unrealistic to expect so much from other humans. you have to learn to be alone and not need anyone because thats like part of the human condition. but friendship and people are great and its nice to connect and have fun and talk and share and learn, it just cant make or break you. but im so sorry you feel alone, i wanna hug you♡ sometimes its hard to see the love thats around us, but i bet you are loved by some family members and friends♡ if you mean this in a romantic sense.. focus on friendship, its much more fulfilling and its more durable and unconditional, the only people ive ever gotten attached to have been my girl friends. im always here and i will appreciate and support you, you dont deserve to feel alone♡ think about all the sweet animals who will adore you! my cat always makes me feel loved when i feel like that:) the world is huge and full of a million amazing unique people, you are one of them, and you will find people who you will laugh with and bond with and connect with♡ 

anonymous said:

Would you ever get a sugar daddy nursha? I'm only 17 but I'm considering it omg they look fun

I wouldn’t be comfortable with that exchange personally. Do whatever you want but be careful and realistic