Organs from a fetal autopsy. Approximately 20 weeks gestation. From top to bottom as follows:
Right lung, heart, left lung
GI system, spleen
Liver, right kidney, left kidney
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Born prematurely 25 years ago, woman now a nurse at hospital that saved her life

It’s 7 p.m. and Mallory Marconi begins her night shift at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. A medical/surgical nurse at the Newark-based facility, Marconi, 24, covers needs in five different units of the hospital, where her responsibilities include greeting patients, conducting full assessments of each one, monitoring their vitals, administering their medications, dressing wounds, and assisting physicians and other nurses with a variety of other procedures.

But while patients respond positively to the friendly and competent young lady, few are aware that her very presence at their bedside represents the ultimate full circle, the happy culmination of an uncertain journey that started in NBI’s NICU nearly 25 years earlier.

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Lift with your knees and not your back has been drilled into nurses as often as patient safety comes first. Just follow these body mechanics rules, and you will protect your back, nurses are told. …

“We have always done it this way” does not make it right.

Nurses (and student nurses), avoid being a “human hoyer lift” and save your poor body.

Exciting news

As some of you may have guessed (and some of you have asked), I’m leaving my unit at thebeginning of April. I’m moving to labor and delivery (actually LDRP), which is what I originally went to nursing school to do. Well more specifically, I went to nursing school as a stepping stone to becoming a CNM (certified nurse midwife). So I’m just moving in the direction I always expected to go. 

I am sad that I’m leaving some truly amazing co-workers on my unit, but I just don’t want to be on a trauma unit. I think ultimately I will be happier in L&D.

I’m not sure exactly what the changes will be here on this blog, obviously I’m not going to stop blogging because I love it and nursing is nursing. I may change the name or I may just continue to blog general nursing things here and blog more L&D specific things on another blog. I haven’t really decided. Rest assured I’m not abandoning this blog and I hope to be able to continue posting nursing and more patient stories. I’m sure I’ll still have some good ones.

Fine.  You wan’t to know the real skinny?  If you want to be good doctors and nurses you damn sure better get ready to get in trouble, a lot.  Because patients are stupid and they are really scared.  And some of them need you to hold their hands, and you should.  Others need you to kick their assess and you absolutely should do that too.  But it really all just comes down to wether or not you’ve got the guts to say just exactly what you know in your heart of hearts you really should say.
—  Dr. Cox

March 31, 14:42pm // These are some of the notes I did for my biology class. I don’t like the way my teacher gives her notes so I make my own after reading the chapters and with what I write in class. The Nervous System 😍 so fascinating.
Right now, my college in on strike 😣 and chances are I’m finishing my semester later than expected 😪.

Plea for help!

Any nurses/nursing students in the USA-I am about to qualify here in the UK (provided I can pull off my dissertation and pass one more exam!) and for quite a while now I’ve been thinking about moving to the USA after graduation. I am aware of how much of a huge change and likely huge amount of paperwork and faffing this will likely involve. With that in mind, this post is basically a plea for any of you to give me some advice/info on what nursing is like over there, and how difficult it will be for me to get a job/sponsorship when I will only have a few months experience? Either reply to this post or message me with any help/advice you can offer, and thanks in advance!?

Markiplier be like

markiplier: Hey, don’t want to worry you guys, but I had to take a little trip to the hospital

Markiplier: But don’t panic, I’m filming today’s video right now

Markiplier: I Am Bread challenge

Markiplier: Every time I lose I’ll hit the call button and the nurse will inject heroin directly into my bloodstream




Markiplier: I don’t know why I keep getting sick you guys