//This is going to sound weird but..

I literally just realized that babies come from sex.

I mean, I know babies come from sex but when I see someone with a baby, I never really think ‘oh they had sex to make that baby’.

But it just clicked in my head and just. Think about it. Your mom and dad had sex to make you. There was lots of smutty stuff going on the night you became real.

Doesn’t that mess with your head a little bit? The knowledge that your parents did the things you do. Dude, your mom used to suck dick! :O


Maybe I should go to bed now..

I have 90 followers..



-stares in shock at the screen for a few decades-



I am going to do something special! I am going to write down the names of all of my followers in a notebook and post pictures of it. I will also draw a picture of Jack Frost and whoever sends me an ask first will get it after I post it.

If I hit 100 followers then I will randomly choose one of those followers to win a huge bag of candy of their choosing or a $15 gift card to Wal-Mart or Amazon (their choice).

This is a huge deal for me guys. I remember when I hit 5 followers.. I literally cried because I didn’t think I would get that many. Now I am at 90 followers.. And you are all so amazing. I love you guys so much.

Never change and always stay awesome!!

Lots and lots of love,
Krystin (mun), Luckie, & Sky

//If my anon sees this, message me? I miss you lots!! :)

Also, if we have a thread going, message me. I need to make sure I have them all. I plan on doing replies tomorrow.

I’m sorry for not being on much the past few weeks.. It has been a rough summer.

Also, I’m not a religious person, but my family is and my grandfather is having a life or death surgery two weeks from now. If you wouldn’t mind, on behalf of my family, I ask that you keep Larry Steelman in your prayers and thoughts. It helps them to know that there are people out there thinking about him and praying for him.

I think that is all for now. I love you my precious followers and my wonderful friends. If you feel like talking to me any time, send me an ask and I’ll get back to you ASAP. It would help me a lot if I could just have something to keep my mind off of everything.

I’m on and I’m ready to talk, but if I’m slow then it is because I’m watching a Criminal Minds marathon. :D

Curious Kitty

So I have this question for everyone.

Why do you believe?

Be it Baptist, Catholic, Scientology, Judaism, Hinduism, Mormonism, or any of the others. What is it about this religion that makes your faith so strong?

Personally, I am an Atheist. No, it is not because I identify as Pansexual. Nor is it because I have two mothers. It is because of this:

I was raised in the church. I was raised Baptist and went to Catholic churches a few times as well, but I was never baptized. Up until a few years ago, I never really had the chance to show my beliefs nor to be myself. I had to hide my sexuality and my religious beliefs (or lack thereof) for 18 years.

I can remember finding one of my mother’s porn tapes when I was 13. It was one of those VHS tapes with the label on the side. The label said x-Files but there was scratching in front of the ‘x’. Turns out, it was Sex-Files, but I didn’t know that until after I popped it in the VHS player. The tape was paused in the middle of a sex scene so I didn’t really have the chance to get away from it. It was a girl-on-girl scene. I found myself surprisingly not disgusted by it though, even long after I had turned off the video.

Now, when I was younger, around 5 or 6, I would kiss this girl down the road. We would hang out all the time and the whole time we would be ‘making out’. It felt normal and didn’t feel ‘disgusting’ to me at all. It never really mattered to me though. This went on for about a year until I moved. We stayed friends though.

Starting school, from when I can remember until about my junior year, kids picked on me and treated me like trash, even throwing trash at me and telling me I was no better than a trash can. They did this because I had two mothers. It finally stopped after 11 years, but it kept me from being who I am as well.

Then, about 2 years ago, I moved out of my grandparents’ house and moved away for college. Keep in mind, I am a very romantic and loving. I had a few boyfriends during high school and never did anything with other girls other than a few ‘dare’ kisses with my close friend. Starting college, I met this guy and started dating him, still dating him even. This kept me from admitting who I was even to myself just like my grandparents did. It was nothing he did, I just felt locked up again, but it was me locking myself up this time. What if everyone thought like my grandparents? What if they all hated me for being who and what I am?

Then I met a few people. One of these people, we will call her F, started dating my boyfriend’s cousin so I got to know her and we would talk all the time. One day, F told me she was Pansexual. I had never heard this term before, always thought of myself as Bisexual. Then she explained the difference to me. That there was no gender, only personality. This made me start to think about everything.

One of the other people, let’s call her A, was lesbian. I didn’t know this. We became good friends and started talking about LGBTQ things one day. I mentioned that I support the LGBTQ community very strongly and that I have two mothers and she told me she was glad because she was lesbian herself.

So I met this other friend, let’s call him D. He quickly became a very close friend and I found myself starting to care for him a lot. Turns out, he was born a she. He told me his story and I found myself not weirded out or anything, but interested in him even more than before. And not in a platonic way either. I talked to A about all of this and thought about it all for a while. IT all came down to the fact that I was starting to have feelings for someone and their gender didn’t matter. It made me start to think back all those years ago with that girl that lived down the street. I can remember not thinking about her as a her. I can remember thinking about her as a person that I enjoyed kissing.

This situation with D just confirmed what I had been thinking all along and F had given me the name for it.

Telling my grandparents was really hard and it took me two years to do it. They think I’m just ‘going through a stage’. That I’m just lying or something. Telling them my religion was harder. Now they think I am burning for eternity because of my beliefs and because of my sexual orientation. But they still love me. They let me live with them and they treat me like nothing has changed.

Their reasons are all because of what their God says in his Bible. No matter what I say, if it disagrees with their God’s Word then I am wrong.

My white cousin is in love with a black girl. They think he is going to hell for caring about her and wanting a relationship with her.

Transsexual and transgender people are wrong too, just like the LGBTQ people. They are all going to burn in hell because of who they are and what they are.

My point is, this is what religion does. It judges and it hurts. It kills. Maybe not the religion itself, the people who believe in it. Because of the religion, these people mentally and physically maim and murder innocent people just because they were born into the wrong body, because they love the wrong person, because they are themselves.

So, I am curious. Why do you believe in your religion?

Do we all remember this? Season 3, episodes 8 and 9. She meets him and later he shoots her.

When I first watched these two episodes, I was at a friends house (A) and her friend (K) was over too.

Me: Oh my God Gracia!!

A: Noooo!!!

K: I knew it. Girls like her never get guys like him. Duh.

This just threw me so far outta bounds. First of all, K is like Garcia, not skinny and yet still beautiful. I am not skinny myself but I have a boyfriend like this guy look wise. I just looked at this girl in shock.

Me: Umm what? She is gorgeous!

K: But she isn’t beautiful by society’s standards. No guy like him will ever go for some girl like her.

This was a while back but yeah, I’m still just. Ugh.

We are all beautiful, gorgeous even. Big, fat, pimple-faced, and messed up yellow teeth does not make you ugly. Yeah, it’s not a nice sight to some, but it doesn’t make you ugly. Tiny, skinny, perfect teeth, and clear-faced does not make you beautiful. Yeah, it looks nice to some, but it does not make you beautiful.

You are beautiful because of who you truly are inside. If you are overweight and it is harming your health and you actually need to lose then don’t let that stop you from feeling beautiful. You are gorgeous. 

You are ugly because you are a rude, judgmental, and over-all unlikable person because of your personality.

Looks do NOT make you beautiful or ugly. Personality does.

I cannot say this enough.

I have a question guys. Have any of you ever met this girl?

<insert name/blog here>

(turquoise/green/blue)-ish colored hair to her shoulders

5’1 - 5’4 in height

Skinny and petite and slightly tanned (I think on the tan)

Really adorable and an over all amazing person

Amazingly blue eyes

Likes to wear short jean shorts and dark shirts

That’s all I’ve got. Any ideas on who it might be? Send me a message about them then?!?


Oh and ignore this. Just a little rant.

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Good bye to all of you..... I'm sorry.....

I’m done guys. I cannot keep pretending like I can do this anymore when I can’t. I try to act like I’m fine but I’m not. Far from it actually. I’m going to stay off for a while. Off of Skype and Tumblr. If anyone needs me then leave me an ask and I will get an e-mail about it.

I’m sorry guys. I’m sorry for failing all of you. For disappointing all of you.

I am more sorry than I will ever be able to express.