I’m one of those dorks who likes when those milestone round numbery things comes up on the follower count. One is coming up. No idea how long it will take me to reach that number but I was thinking, since it’s one I consider a big deal, maybe I should do something.

Would peeps want me to do something, say an audio or a vlog or something a little different for me. You could get to hear my strange middle earth accent, I could read something that people want read or answer some questions. 

I don’t really know but well, thoughts?

Kalau saya NKRI, saya dengan Mudah Mencap Freddy Numberi dan Bas Suebu Penghianat NKRI

Demikianlah tanggapan yang diberikan Lt. Gen. TRWP Amunggut Tabi menanggapi perkembangan terakhir di tanah air, terkait terpilihnya Joko Widodo sebagai Presiden Kolonial NKRI berikutnya menggantikan Presiden SBY dan gelagat kaum penghianat bangsa Papua yang beberapa bulan belakangan ini mengemis jabatan ke Presiden Kolonial terpilih. Percakapan ini ialah inisiatif dari Markas Pusat TRWP, mengirimkan sms, disusul […]

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anonymous said:

hey bae it me again i see u reblogged some numbery things again lemme ge tthe beautiful questions with number "3" in em again, please? ^^

Oh Nonnie, you totally made my terrible, horrible, no-good day so much better! <3

I’m not sure which numery thing u mean but let’s do them all shall we?

  • 3:A song that reminds you of summertime - Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy
  • 13:One of your favorite 80s songs - Don’t Stop Believing by Journey
  • 23:A song that you think everybody should listen to - Hooked On a Feeling by Blue Swede
  • 30:A song that reminds you of yourself - How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox 20
  • 3. 3 Fears - Small spaces, failure, humiliation
  • 13. Something I really, really want - Opportunity to go and see all my friends abroad
  • 23. Someone I love - My best friend
  • 30. My favourite animal(s) - Otter. And dragons. Duh.
  • 31. My pets - Are all dead.
  • 32. One thing I’ve lied about - If I’ve ever been drunk
  • 33. Something currently worrying me - The upcoming exam week
  • 34. An embarrassing moment - Today I forgot my money home, so I had to carry all the groceries back in shelves at the shop.
  • 35. Where I work - The local theatre.
  • 36. Something that’s constantly on my mind - Do people actually like me, or are they just pretending? 
  • 37. Three habits I have - 1. I bite my nails 2. I always have to wash my face before going to bed 3. I bite my pencils
  • 38. My future goals - To get through the year with good grades and success in my hobbies
  • 39. Something I fantasize about - How my performances are going to go.
  • 43. Something I’m talented at - Singing.

Good night, Nonnie (: