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The latest study of modern work environments revealed that 33 percent of staff displayed increased productivity when they drank Manhattans, and 100 percent improved productivity when they weren’t wearing pants. I know it’s the latest study, because I just did it. The sample was me and two cats.

If the sample size isn’t given in the same breathlessly excited paragraph as the results, those results are potentially garbage. If the sample size isn’t given at all, those results are definitely garbage, rubbish intended to bury your brain under spoofed input and steer you toward the writer’s opinions instead of informing you to make your own.

8 Obvious Signs Statistics Are Lying To You

my confirmation bias knows no bounds lol: unrelated and probably unmathematical  superstitious stuff but after the decimal, it takes you 27 numbers to get to the first 27 in Pi: 3.14159265358979323846264338327

Happy Pi day! Hope yall get some of your fave flavored pie in celebration


We are a generation so concerned with numbers. We choose quantity over quality. We hate the numbers on the scale, and believe they define our worth as human beings. We find ourselves waiting by our phones, and constantly checking every outlet of social media to see if we have more “likes”… as if somehow, those numbers actually reflect who cares about us. All I’m saying is, if we took a step back and examined ourselves… REALLY examined our lives and asked ourselves if our actions come from a heart that is content in who God made us to be, OR from a deep desire to feel validated and accepted. All in all, my point is not to call people out, but rather, lift you all up and simply say: YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN NUMBERS.