Kaat by Chris Nuijen.

“Kaat” is a new type (2013). It was designed by Chris Nuijen and named after his daughter Kaat. It represents the period in which everyone has their face behind the latest mobile phone screen or interactive games console. “Kaat”is slick, modern and progressive, to reflect our busy immediate life style, whilst providing the essentials in a period where people can be judged on television.

Kaat is here to stay and to evolve. Everyone wants to try to be that little bit different, but essentially we are all the same, with the same inherent needs, just like babies or children. We need to be fed, watered, nurtured and loved, the only difference is in today’s world you can do all that from behind a screen. “Kaat” bridges that gap, transcending the basic needs of type, with the sophistication and fast paced sharpness of today, everyone wants to be different but we all stay the same, this is a reflection in the thickness and shape of each glyph.

Get it here: http://myfonts.us/ZfCnS4