nughets replied to your post: mildly terrified that my ex has a blog…

this is happening to me too. he made a blog to follow me and i broke up with him a year ago

he broke up with me and yet for 7 months straight after we broke up he still checked my blog every day (I had an ip tracker so jokes on him) see post where I called him out last week here lol

I think I scared him off but STILL idk how a guy who’s been creeping on my blog since 2013 can quit cold turkey I live in fear

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1. secret talent?

DOn’t have one bc i am a basic bitch 

2. favourite band?

Easily Bastille or 5SOS

3. how tall are you?

shiett i actually don’t know

4. most embarrassing moment this year so far?

i fell over in front of someone whom i was trying to impress

5. favourite subject at school?

Science or Indonesian

6. your star sign?

Capricorn yeaaa

7. necessities?

Socks or shoes, always. I hate bare feet. 

8. are u an ‘x’ or an ‘o’ person in the game, tic tac toe?

Depends how i feel man, probably o because its easier to do

9. thin or thick pens?

They have to be thin bc im left handed so it smudges :’((

10. favourite quote?

‘Respect existence or expect resistance’


1. Most intriguing thing you’ve learnt this year

2. Who are your top 5 music artists? 

3. Showers or baths? 

4. Would you rather live a year of blistering heat or intensely cold winter? 

5. Do you have any idea what you want to be when you’re older? If so, where? 

6. Name a type of food you want to try from a different country

7. Are you a people person or do you like being alone? 

8. Who are you closest with in your family? 

9. Are you an emotional person? 

10. What’s one of your favorite jokes? 


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