I love when she plays with her toys like this.

#happybirthday to my nigga for many reasons and the NUMBER ONE PERSON you should NOT leave your iphone around lml got me wondering why i hav no memory left in my phone. #lmao #MadSelfies #AllUpInMyCameraRoll #WhenDidThatEvenHappen #ItsCoolTho #TheyStillThere #LoveYouAnyway #Nucklehead😒😁 #enjoy! #WhatWeGonGetTonight?

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(Parent meme) When I remember what you were like ten years ago... The nucklehead grown into a strong man. I am proud of you, my son...



Even though he hasn’t avenged Ling Cao’s death, he was still proud of him. This made Ling Tong stand there with a surprised look on his face, and eyes filled with sorrow. He missed his father; he couldn’t save him from Gan Ning and he was still proud?

"T-Thank you…father."

Finished an awesome 1 mile swim in the frigid 58 degree Atlantic Ocean, Nahant MA with the Cambridge Nuckleheads (at Nahant Beach, Ma)

The first 10 minutes was like the ice bucket challenge with someone dumping ice water over your head continuously. Then the next 15 minutes my body felt like it was burning up on fire. Then the rest of the way I was numb and very comfortable. Beautiful way to start the day!