Fuck you for leaving. Fuck you for all the times you made me cry. Fuck you for giving up on me. Fuck you for making me feel special. Fuck you for saying things like that and not meaning it. Fuck you for lying to me. But most of all: Fuck you for leaving me when I needed you the most. Fuck you because I still miss you.
—  I was worth it // R.R.

atla meme | [ 4 / 4 ] bending types → energybending 

❛ in the era before the avatar, we bent not the elements, but the energy within ourselves. to bend another’s energy, your own spirit must be unbendable, or you will be corrupted and destroyed.

The bar scene between Damon and Elena is done beautifully all around, acting, directing and writing. The audience can feel the emotion of the scene. Ian and Nina deliver their lines beautifully. Their facial expressions and body language conveys the emotion of the scene to the audience and really gets the feels going. Butler’s focus on Damon and Elena’s hands when she puts her hand on top of his and then Elena caressing Damon’s knuckles with her thumb adds to the scenes’ hope and shows the bond between them still very strong.

"Look, I am at a crossroads right now where I could go live my life the way I probably should, be successful and safe, probably very happy or I could risk all that for a tiny glimmer of a feeling I just can’t shake.” – Elena.

While Chris Mollere’s musical selection for the scene, “When You Fall in Love” by Andrew Ripp, hits it home for viewers making the scene that much more powerful. The songs lyrics about a connection and love so strong it can weather any storm fits perfectly in the scene.

"Why do bad things happen?"
“Why does evil exist?”
“Why is the world becoming more sinful everyday?”

These are questions that are asked on a regular basis and it is proven that no answer is perfect enough to respond with. It is healthy to question the sadism on earth and it is normal to be concerned about all of the evil that took and is taking place in history. But a question that is asked very seldom today is, “why do good things happen?”

I think cancer is the most talked about killer in all of the world. It’s murderous, it’s dreadful, and unfortunately, there is no way to stop it. Humans do not have control over some bad things, like cancer. We physically cannot stop the spreading of diseases in a moment’s notice like how we would like to. Bad things WILL happen and some of those things will be out of our control.

Take thunderstorms, for example. We cannot physically halt the demolition of a thunderstorm and we have no control over what it annihilates. But, the one thing we can control is our reaction. Humans can control reactions. Do we rush for shelter? Do we pretend that its power to destroy every fabric of the city is nonexistent? Do we panic? Do we hide our loved ones first? We control the answers to these questions.

The beauty of life falls under the definition of a storm passing. The bad things are temporary. The bad things will always pass and once they do, it leaves another muscle in our hearts. Every lightning strike, every roar of thunder, every gray cloud, and every rainy day prepares us for the next storm. Our reaction to the eradication will be much more courageous than our last. Maybe we’ll know a quicker route to shelter. Maybe we’ll think in a greater sense of serenity. Maybe we’ll know a better position to be in, in order for the storm to not hurt us. The second time around we will take more advantage of what we can do to allay the storms in our lives. The bad things in life will always promise strength.

"Why do the good things happen?" is a question that is very rarely asked.

And well, good things happen because they are supposed to.

It was never God’s intention to make a world that consisted of bad. It was never in His heart to have sin enter the world because good always originates from the source of God. Goodness is God and Love is God, as well. And since Love is God, He gives us the choice to do whatever is in our will. If we love someone, we will not program them into robots, where we control every move they make. If we love someone, we will give them the freedom to perform any action they would like. So when man decided to bring sin in the world, God did not stop it from happening because He loved man so much that He was compelled to let him do whatever man wanted. Before man’s decision to sin, God made sure the world was spotless. But since His love gives us a choice, we chose to bring sin in the world.

Bad things happen because it was chosen by us to let them happen. Sometimes, we cannot control the bad things in the world but we can control our reactions. The downsides in life will never fail to be a life lesson, will never fail to soften our hearts if they need to be a softened and toughen our hearts if they need to be toughened. There is no telling when a bad thing will occur and we are allowed to acknowledge its jeopardy. But, the second time around, we will be prepared. The bad times only strengthen us.

—  we can control our reactions, but we can’t control the world

[ disneyland ] | アカヤシ [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=47238729

The family Hunter x Hunter characters go to Disneyland in an AU where nothing hurts and everything is beautiful.

Just like your heart, Xibalba. Just like your heart.

AU where Manolo doesn’t discover Xibalba’s trickery and Xibalba remains ruler of the Land of the Remembered, while his wife remains ruler of the Land of the Forgotten. At first Xibalba is delighted with the new arrangement, until he realizes that slowly but surely the Land of the Remembered is growing dreary and joyless, while The Land of the Forgotten grows vibrant and hopeful.

It’s then he realizes that what he thought his wife said in jest was true— the lands do reflect the nature of the ruler, and in taking The Land of the Remembered the only thing he’s gained is more regret. 

anonymous asked:

I don't know why but your baker!hiccupAU makes me feel so sad. I guess it's because they're so trapped, there is no way out, no solution without Toothless, and yet they still drag each other, but there is no way they could be happy... so sad. I want more, but at the same time I don't, because I can't imagine one single good thing that could happen to them.

*squishes ur face to my bosoms* 

You. You understand. 

i feel like that text post about cat people being like ‘oh dogs are okay too whatevs’ while dog people are like ‘cats feel no love and are evil’ can be applied to 5sos/1d. 5sos fandom is like ‘oh 1d is okay too’ while 1d fandom.. yeah. why does it always have to turn into a 1d vs 5sos thing? 😔