Nurse to the Rescue || Liam & Sophie

Sophie opened her first aid kit, pursing her lips. What would she have to bring to take care of someone with the flu? All she could think of was her thermometer. Everything else Liam would probably have at his flat. She stuffed the thermometer in her bag and made her way to Liam’s flat. She was excited to see him again, and to take care of him. As promised, she was wearing her nurse’s costume that she wore for Halloween. It only made taking care of him more fun, because she looked the part. When she got to Liam’s flat she pushed in softly, not wanting to wake him if he was napping. She went into his room and smiled at him. “Hey Li! Nurse Soph to the rescue!” She giggled and sat down on the bed next to him, pressing a quick kiss into his sweaty forehead. “All right, I’m gonna take your temperature and give you soup, okay?” She stood up and went into the kitchen. She put the soup she had already made in the microwave and zapped it. When it was done she grabbed a spoon and sat down next to him again. “Okay, temperature first,” she held the tool up.

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Lara/Sam Lovesick

Thanks Anon, I hope you enjoy! (This somehow ended up at over 1,800 words what??)

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Nanny To The Rescue || +reyesreawakened

 Jackson was rushing around the house, trying to find all the things he needed for work, tie his tie without it looking messy, and keep his baby girl happy. A sigh of relief escaped his lips whenever he heard the doorbell ring “Erica, come on in” he called out smiling at her whenever she flashed him a smile. “I promise i’ll pay you double, no triple for coming over tonight. I’m sure you had plans or studying or something you’d rather be doing than babysitting” he said picking up his daughter and kissing her cheek before placing her back on her blanket on the carpet where she was happily gurgling and staring at all the lights throughout the downstairs part of the house. 

Searching for Zebras (Tomb Raider)

Pairing: Lara x Sam

Word count: 2,090

Rating: Teen

Summary: Lara and Sam go on an overnight camping trip, trying to get away from tombs and danger, but does danger just find Lara Croft?

Notes: Takes place after my last fic, Coming Home, but it’s not super necessary.  About a year has passed since Yamatai and Lara and Sam have gotten together, is the gist.  I’m working on a direct sequel to CH which will be multi-chapter and take place in Hawaii, but here’s something for the meantime.

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When people ask we can just say the sun queen blessed us with beautiful cherub babies z;)

And then go all glazed eyes and add “one of them will harbour her soul in the future.  Praise be to Queen Himiko!”

…it may be difficult to get our kids into a good school.