Hey tumblr!

Wanna learn a cool art thing? 

To bad, cause I’m about to drop some knowledge on yo ass!

And that’s it!

I came up with it about a year ago and I’ve been using it ever since.
And since I noticed no one else seems to be aware of this cool thing I figured it’s time to share :)

It’s very useful for transparent painting, or even inking (it’s so much easier to eye-drop the ‘black’ background instead of using the eraser)

Plus you can make tumblr cry by painting a dead character in transparent-white.

Enjoy!   :)

There is deep pleasure in some thing which appears to be insignificant, unmarked, unknown when in fact it is extraordinary. Only knowledge can produce that depth of appreciation. I think this secret satisfaction is powerful. Well, it is for me.
—  Messageboard post, Nils Nihil
Coastal flood warning, blizzard warning, severe beach erosion warning, travel ban tomorrow, flights cancelled, parking bans in effect starting midnight on all emergency routes, predictions anywhere from 12-36 inches (30-92cm), instant glaciation, 1000 foot walls of ice sweeping in from the north, 30% chance of white walkers or ancient ones roaming the countryside, slurping up snowbound survivors from their iced-in hovels, school’s cancelled until may, liquor stores and groceries are being systematically emptied by frothing shoppers, even the die-hardiest of the die-hard homeless are either seeking shelter or choosing voluntary death, it’s end times.
—  messageboard post, greedo
Not The Cop, So You Can Talk / Skyler - Meghan

From their last conversation, it had passed a few days, mostly because the girl was always busy. Skyler had heard things, mostly from Tyler, about her boss. Harry Kress seemed one bossy, annoying old dude. From his own experience, people who were too angry, usually remained there, angry. He lived with that daily with Samar and his training wasn’t an exception. Let alone, seemed like another Sidera as well, people with a view a little bit too high of themselves. 

But that wasn’t his business so he simply didn’t mingled when he wasn’t supposed to. Unless he wanted to. But for now, Skyler had come back from a training sessions, cracking the joints of his neck and spine, thankfully, no cuts or something that needed more attention, meaning no trip to see Nani, and have a nag. And since Meghan had insistently asked what the hell did he do for a living, well why not?

And after searching for his phone inside his bag, he popped a beer open and prompted himself on his couch. For someone else, with a right reasoning mind, this was a bad idea. For Skyler, the one who never thought with reason, nothing was a bad idea. 

So you wanted to know what I do? Come over to my apartment and I’ll tell you.

His apartment was the safest place he could think to talk about this, and so after sending her the text, Skyler chose a song from his phone and let it play as he sipped on his beer.

oysters and champagne for breakfast
a donut for lunch
mac and cheese out of a box for dinner
—  messageboard post, francoisfido