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The trailer for North of South, West of East finally explains that strange clip I found on Vimeo about a year ago.

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No idea what this is or why Ben’s in it, but he is, so here you go: NSEW w/ Ben Foster, ladies and gentlemen.

North of South, West of East installation in the New Frontier microcinema at Sundance 2013.

New Frontier’s microcinema was converted into a specially equipped screening room for “North of South, West of East.” Audiences were limited to 20. A cluster of swivel chairs sat in the center of the room, so that viewers could easily shift their attention between the four screens on which the film’s action unfolds. Each screen follows a character — Yvonne (Sue Galloway), a down-on-her-luck actress; Cass (Ben Foster), an equally downtrodden factory worker; Dale (James Penfold), a Texas cowboy; and Miguel (Erik Quintana), a Mexican immigrant.

The film’s experimental setup supports its narrative goals. In “North of South, East of West,” [Meredith] Danluck captured “the addictive quality of episodic narrative” in as immersive a way as possible. Danluck’s film gives agency to its audience, letting viewers choose where to direct attention. […] The screens share one soundtrack, which ties the stories together and cues viewers when to direct attention to a particular image.

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