Today’s workout totally rocked!! Firstly I need to up my weights for my legs! They just keep getting stronger and stronger! Secondly I held all of my 30 second planks! When I started I couldn’t even hold a plank for 30 seconds! Today I held 3 planks for 30 seconds!! Hell yes! Now to shower and wash my hair!

Legs and Shoulders

Warm up: 3 min on cross trainer

Set 1:
40kg Leg Press
3kg dumbbell Squat and Press

Set 2:
20kg Leg Ext Front
2kgSide Raise

Set 3:
20kg Leg Curl
3kg dumbbell Snatches

Set 4:
Knee Repeats (20reps)
Plank (30 sec)

-10min Incline walk (gradient 10-15 and speed 4-6)


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I come from an active family. An active family who has lived in various scenic locations. An active family who likes to take advantage of their surroundings. The problem with being a morbidly obese member of my active family was that I always felt left out. It wasn’t that they didn’t try to include me. They did. The problem was that I couldn’t physically keep up. Even running errands or taking a sedentary day trip was exhausting. So I was either miserably uncomfortable while holding everyone else back or making excuses to stay home and isolate while they spent time together without me.

I started my day yesterday with 4.53 miles of cardio at the gym. I rushed home, took a quick shower, and then my family and I took the ferry to Lopez Island. We rented bikes and explored. We rode 20 miles.

My body didn’t hold me back. My feet covered almost 25 miles.

I made myself and my husband matching shirts that read “TEXAS!” and “FIGHT!” respectively. We wore them to a football game back in September 2013. I had forgotten all about my shirt til I found it yesterday and now it fits like a tarp.

1st pic was taken on September 14th 2013 when I weighed 249.2lbs. 

2nd pic was taken yesterday (May 10th 2014) and I weigh 184.5 as of today. 

These pictures were taken 240 days apart and they show a difference of 64.7 lbs.


Stomach progress over the last nine months! (-7 inches)

Losing weight can be frustrating. The weight seems to come off of everywhere EXCEPT the place you want it to most (for me, that’s my stomach). It’s easy to get discouraged and consider throwing in the towel. But it’s important to remember how far you’ve come since you started, and that each and every little change you make brings you one step closer to your goals! Don’t give up!

I’ve been back up to or above 190 since about January, dealing with stress and fluctuating hormones—but warm weather, good friends and small blessings have made life especially good recently. Friday was a friend’s sparkle-themed birthday party, so I couldn’t help but do a little comparison—despite being twenty pounds above my “low weight” from last November, I’m happy with the result.

Left, probably 275, right 190.  Six years of hard work, real food, healthy living and happy memories.  No gimmicks.

Non-scale victory time!

I wore these shorts on my 4+ mile walk today. Not sure if you can tell, but the legs are kinda loose — not tight spandex — and not very long. In the past, if I were to wear shorts like this, I would be CONSTANTLY tugging at the legs to pull them down cos they would bunch up between my legs. So annoying!!  You know what I mean? Cos my thighs would rub together and they’d ride up. Have you been there?

Well, guess what!? 4+ miles today and NOT ONE TUG! They didn’t ride up at all.  I think this means I have a fucking thigh gap! LOL!

This makes me happy! I hate having to wear LONG shorts or tight spandex shorts because those were the only kinds that wouldn’t bunch up on me. Not to mention the chaffing issue.

This is pretty cool. :-)

PS- I also really like this cute shirt I got at Wal-Mart … and it’s a LARGE, not an XL!  A little tight across the chest, but not bad. :-)


Ok, ignore the mess that is my hair, I have a hairdressers appointment later today.

Can we just stop for a second and appreciate that I had had this dress for two years, TWO YEARS and the tags are still on because it has never fit me.

Until today.

I feel amazing. And maybe a little bit sexy.


Non-scale victory …

So, after ‘conquering’ the size 18 jeans a while back, I set my sights on these white size 16 shorts to get into (top photos). So far, no joy on this … I’m closer, but nowhere near wearing them. The other day I was thinking that I *should*, at this weight, be in a size 16!! It wasn’t making sense to me, so I tried a DIFFERENT PAIR of size 16s that I have and .. .VIOLA! They fit!

Women’s sizes are so messed up! I’ve been feeling kinda discouraged about not getting into those shorts when, in fact, they’re probably more like a 14 than a 16.  Not sure I’d be comfortable actually wearing size 16s right now, they’re a bit tight and there is a definite ‘muffin top’ going on,  but I am IN THEM and I count that as a victory!

I’m redefining those white shorts as 14s and they’ll be my next goal.

TWO NSVs in one:

  • I can fit into this dining room chair now with room to spare! There was a time when, to sit in this chair with arms, I would have to sit on the very edge in front of the arms cos I would not fit between them. It’s actually a comfortable fit now!
  • I can cross my legs comfortably.
  • And is that an actual QUAD showing there … not sure if quads showing when you cross your legs counts as ‘quads’ or not…

YAY!’ for NSVs!