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i can aks it again! <3 has anyone rejected your feelings ever? (sorry it may be very personal) and as you answered, another question. how did you cope with a lot of breakin up s? i think it was painfully...

((thank you ;w; I’ll have to answer both here so all can see the answers))


I’ve been thro+ugh a lo+t o+f realtio+nships 


A lo+t o+f break ups, heartbreak


and o+f co+urse rejectio+n.

Every time I experience so+mething like that, I remind myself that my friends, family and I will be there to+ lo+ve me.

That’s ho+w I co+pe.

There’s always so+meo+ne there to co+mfo+rt yo+u, even if that so+meo+ne is yo+urself.

Taking care o+f yo+urself co+mes befo+re any lo+ver, friend or family member.

Yo+u sho+uld never be afraid o+f lo+ving yo+urself.

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So... I just found out my girlfriend has been cheating on me for two weeks after swearing up and down she wasn't doing anything with her friend. What do I do..?


PORRIM: Ahem. That was a bit…emo+tive.

PORRIM: It’s quite a disappo+inting situatio+n to+ be in. It hits quite hard when a quadrantmate disregards your relatio+nship and plays o+n yo+ur feelings.

PORRIM: Now yo+u have to ask yo+urself whether yo+u really want to be with so+meo+ne who+ puts yo+u in such po+sitio+ns. Have they sho+wn disregard fo+r yo+u thro+ugho+ut yo+ur relationship? Do+ yo+u feel like yo+u are no+t meeting them half way? Have they put do+wn or no+t appreciated yo+ur attempts to+ talk abo+ut yo+ur relationship?

PORRIM: Is it really wo+rth to+ be in this relatio+nship if it makes yo+u unhappy and hurts yo+u?

PORRIM: This co+uld also+ be a go+o+d time to+ co+mmunicate with yo+ur girlfriend and try and go+ tho+ugh yo+ur pro+blems to+gether, if that is so+mething yo+u wish to+ do+. So+metimes peo+ple do+ make mistakes they want to co+rrect, and it wo+uld be up to yo+u to decide whether you want to+ take the risk

PORRIM: Just remember to+ put yo+ur o+wn happiness first. Lo+o+king o+ut for yo+urself do+esn’t make yo+u ego+istical o+r selfish. Yo+u deserve so+meo+ne who+ will treat yo+u and lo+ve yo+u the way you lo+ve them.

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Liante can I have sex with you? I promise that I'll be as gentle as I can. But I warn you, I've got a bulge of steel. I don't know if even you can handle it.


N❀ Y❀U MAY N❀T HAVE SEX WITH ME!!! I am in a c❀mmitted relati❀nship…


…H❀wever if were speaking ❀f a different quadrant be my guest~

And because of that post I would appreciate if people didn’t strip me down to just a simple shipper of anything else involving Emma than Swan Queen. Hasn’t happened yet this time, but I have been accused of being just a crazy shipper just because I say something negative of a Emma ship, mostly Swan Queen. I’m here for Jennifer and Emma and her relatio nship with her family and I don’t ship her with anyone. 

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You are so welcome @aj_nship and @ninawest. You have both been nominated. May the odds be ever in your favor. 😘