Going to the Gaza protest later today. My sign will say:
“I stand against
Israel’s ethnic cleasing
AND anti-Semitism.
End ALL oppression.”

is this problematic wording re: ethnic cleansing?

Ps, I guarantee you some ignorant fuck will bring an Israeli flag with a red swastika painted over the star of David like last time. If this happens, I will take pictures and probably publicly smear that person on social media. -shrug-

short-and-scaled said:

I want the K //hell why not//

6: Inner-thigh Kiss

Blitzwing couldn’t quite comprehend why he decided to do this, but he caught himself feeling rather giddy about it. Looking over Mayhem, he kneeled down and grasped the other’s thighs to gently spread them. However, his helm craned upwards to kiss the other’s abdomen. He left a trail of kisses going continually downward, avoiding his codpiece and ghosting his lips over the other’s hip. As Icy, he left little pecks of kisses starting near the knee joint; Hothead gave slightly deeper kisses at the mid-thigh area; and Random smooched the inner thigh before giving it a tentative lick, cackling.