Ian wasn’t sure Monica would come when he called. Ian said being compared to Monica was a compliment because he didn’t want to see her be sad. Monica said “you can never make those people happy, like it breaks their heart just to look at you” and Ian tears up because he’s thinking of Mickey. When Ian hears his mom say “I love you” and he can’t even hold the phone up because how long had it been since he’d heard her say that? And he just looks at her with teary eyes. He was lonely, and he wanted his mom to tell him everything was going to be okay.

To the people saying that Monica was being a good parent in 5x11...

No. No she wasn’t. She literally just convinced Ian that his family doesn’t accept him for his diagnosis, that he’s a burden to them, that he needs to find other people who accept him as bipolar off medication. All of those things that aren’t true that he was thinking about are now falsified facts from her and because of that he’s going to leave the people who support him, not take medication and ride out the highs and lows.

That is NOT good parenting.
That is the OPPOSITE of good parenting.

Get away from me.

  • Monica:Phoebe, stop writing about us!
  • Phoebe:I’m not writing about you! I’m writing about other people.
  • Chandler:Who?
  • Phoebe:Marcia and Chester.
  • Monica:Okay fine! Fine! Then you know what, I’ll just write about Phyllis! Hmm!
  • Chandler:Hmm.
  • Monica:(writing on a piece of paper) Phyllis is sitting in a chair.
  • Chandler:Oh.
  • Phoebe:I see what you’re doing!
  • Monica:(still writing) Phyllis sees what I’m doing.
  • Chandler:Oh-oh.
  • Phoebe:Ooh, I have tasted my own medicine and it is bitter!