A preview for the most recent chapter of ‘Cocooned’ a GSR fanfiction;


Gil rolled his shoulders slowly, a perplexed look on his face and a depleted bottle in his line of view. “If Basderic really wanted to get to you, if he really wanted to provoke you to make you come after him…” The curvature of his Adam’s apple became increasingly apparent as his throat swelled. “Why would he kill Wynard? Why wouldn’t he just kill your mother? Who was he to you?” The hurt in his voice, induced from the conclusion he had drawn, caused me to shudder with shame.

“I met him at a bar a few weeks after-” My tongue moved awkwardly in my mouth as I tried to form the words to confess my guilt. Gil forced his eyes closed and became rigid as he waited. “-after you called me. I had trouble sleeping and I couldn’t talk to the guys about it. So I went drinking.” A sigh from Gil. “Taylor was just…a guy. We kissed outside a bar and that’s it. Ronald saw us, took photos and used him as leverage.”

“He took photos?” Gil gasped at the news. He moved forward to smother his head with his hands, greying curls jumping between his fingers. Although he faced the floor, I grew uncomfortable at the look on his profile and his pressing silence. When he finally spoke, his voice was roughened. “When you kissed him..were you wearing your wedding ring?”