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[INFO] VIXX LIVE FANTASIA [UTOPIA] ‘Lucky Seat’ Event Members’ Personal Items

Hello, Starlights! This is the ST★FF.

We are revealing the individual members’ pictures with their personal items that will be gifted to the (6) ‘Starlight winners’ in the ‘LUCKY SEAT’ event for the VIXX Concert LIVE FANTASIA [UTOPIA].

*Winners can check under their seats on the day of the concert they are attending, and further information on how to receive the gifts will be posted later on.

[Personal Items]
: Perfume (2)
Leo: Hat, book
Ken: Ring, knit clothing
Ravi: Hat, glasses
Hongbin: Hat (2)
Hyuk: Hat, hood t-shirt

We request for Starlights’ anticipation :)
Thank you.

Source: Fancafe
Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx