Not Quite Lost // Open-Para

Castiel strode across the camp, blue eyes warily keeping track of his surroundings. He wasn’t sure if all the protection sigils were up, so it was best to keep his eyes open. Besides, with the mixture of demon, human, alien,andAngels, it was difficult to set up too much. It left him feeling vulnerable, but, what could you do?

His first idea, when leaving his shack of a cabin, was to find people. Finding people meant finding the food first. It was getting late, so he figured dinner would be soon. He wasn’t much keen on eating, so meal habits still eluded him. Now that they were at camp, things like inventory and supply runs would need to be done. Surely someone somewhere needed help with something. The idea was, of course, to track down Sam. Going to wherever dinner would be was still the best option.

He slowed when he saw the flash of blue of the TARDIS, suddenly torn. Go on and see if he could find the elusive eating place and therefore, maybe, Sam, or go see the Doctor, who was the closest thing to a leader the camp had other than the Winchesters? He stood awkwardly in the middle of the worn down path, completely still and frowning darkly.


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From the EP Windows Down available on Datpiff


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She learned a new word and learned how to wave @tori_nql #jordynemmalean


How we eat Chipotle… @tori_nql gotcha

Dont mind my super sick hair. @tori_nql brought Baby J down to the gym to see @alonsobjj2014 and roll around some on the mats some. 4.5 years til she’s ready!!! 👊💪