There was a nice gathering of Atlanta Instagrammers this morning at a  WeLoveATL meetup in Woodruff Park. We came to take a walk through Downtown alongside a visiting reporter who’s profiling intown culture for the NPR Generation Listen series.

It was nice weather for walking around and taking photos. Here are a few I took – the one on the bottom is of the inside of an Auburn Avenue parking deck that has an impressive rotunda-type feature surrounded by a circular ramp. 

NPR Generation Listen: Join The Tribe

Were you a backseat baby? Were you strapped into your car seat and forced to listen to NPR in the 80’s and 90’s? If so, high fives to your smart parents.

If you weren’t force-fed, how did you discover us? We want to know. It’s high time we got to know you in an intentional and meaningful way.

Join us on a new on-ramp to NPR that is quietly gaining speed: Generation Listen.

It’s time for us to get better at finding you where you are and what is most relevant to your lives. And when we get there, we want to hang out — whether in cyberspace, over the air, or through events — and exchange ideas and smart conversation.

That’s what NPR Generation Listen is all about. It’s a movement to better connect and bring you into our NPR community. If we’ve lost you since your toddler days, we want to bring you back into the family. And if you’ve never heard of us or think “meh” when you hear NPR, we want to invite you to our public radio party.

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About Generation Listen

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Learning to listen, truly listen, changes everything. It ignites our passion for the people and the world around us. It makes us feel empowered, in awe, humbled, and inspired. It’s not about a reply, it’s about learning, growing, and being set alight. Listening changes everything. #WhyListen @nprgenlisten

Music Lovers

Check out NPR’s Generation Listen- @nprgenlisten I went to their event last night in DC and it was great. The panel and audience members talked about what certain songs meant to them in bad, good and prolific ways. There were great selections like Camp Lo’s “Luchini“ ( and Otis Redding’s “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” and I was also introduced to a local artist named Odissee (”That’s Love” The event made me think about seminal songs I love:

This is how we party by SOAP-summer teen tour

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing by Stevie Wonder-makes me want to dance 

December 1963 (Oh What A Night) by the Four Seasons-camp song

Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations-camp song

River by Joni Mitchell-bittersweet and heartbreaking

What are your favorite songs?

Just me & JoeV! #history @nprgenlisten ・・・
Best welcoming committee ever at @WUWF HQ on the @uwf campus. These two are true leaders in their community and public radio is their vehicle for service. Thank you for all that you do, Joe and @lindsayraemyers. You tell the stories that represent the heartbeat of diversity in Pensacola.
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Pensacola! Thank you for coming to our 5th listening party on the #listeningtour with @wuwf at @theleisureclubcoffee. We had a great introduction to NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour and got to skype with @lindaholmes97 herself. What we loved most though, was how open you all were to talking about the assumptions and stereotypes that are connected to the way people sound. Too white, too black, too gay, too southern, too uppity, too foreign…not smart enough. 💬 “Oh, she just got that job because of her Southern charm.” 💬 “We paid a lot of money for that education so speak properly…but don’t sound so white around your cousins.” 💬 “I don’t hear someone that sounds like me on public radio.” Your candid honesty and compassion made for a very real discussion. Thank you for that. It’s conversations like these that plant seeds for a more understanding community of friends and neighbors.

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We love hanging out with our fellow @uwf Argos! #repost from @nprgenlisten ・・・
@WUWF listening party 😄 Julie Young (@julieaaronyoung) is a member of the Pensacola Generation Listen brain trust and is a diehard Car Talk fan. Click and Clack for life ✊🏼 #listeningtour #roadtrip #pensacola #florida #wuwf #nprlife #radio #whylisten #smile #happyface #cartalk #npr || photo: @xoxohadas