Nox from Wakfu! Gosh, I had to draw him! I know he’s a bad guy, but when you watch his backstory and *spoiler* goes crazy due to his obsessive study of the Eliacube and loses his family over it, you kinda feel bad for the guy. He doesn’t realize what he has and what truly is important to him until he lost it all. The Eliacube gave him hope that he could see his family again. We see how devastating it was for him to only go back a mere 20 minutes instead of 200 years. Gosh, I mean….that would be life crushing. I don’t even want to think about that. Wakfu really developed Nox to a point that makes some American cartoon villains just…..not near as EPIC! I mean, c'mon! Nox is a pretty legit bad guy! And you feel for him at the end.