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Your tattoo is gorgeous! What made you get it and how did you come up with that idea? Do you have any others :]

Thank you! n_n

I’ve always found the kingdom hearts logo’s beautiful, even before I knew where it was from. I’d seen images around and loved them so much. Eventually, a year or three ago? two/three, I got into KH and found out they were the symbols. I’ve a lot of great memories from the game/fandom and most importantly, I met some people who really changed my life. that tattoo is both there because I love how it looks, but also for those people.

I don’t have any others as of now, but next year around my 21st birthday, I’ll get either the wings of freedom tattooed on my back [ quite big ], or the triforce from the legend of Zelda on the inside of my arm. Not only because they’re from series I love, but A. Zelda has been a part of me since I was a baby, and it’s dedicated to my father. I always watched him play the games. He would tell me not to touch his game-files in case I fucked up. My parents divorced when I was 7 years old, and I barely see my dad, but I love him a lot.

The wings of freedom are pretty obvious. I might be ‘new’ to the fandom, but when I was 12 I’ve always said 'when I get a tattoo, I’ll get wings on my back!!!“, which I still want to. At first I thought of getting outlines of a group of birds done on my shoulder, but the moment I saw the wings of freedom, I fell in love. it’s a different design that the regular standard wings, and I’d be able to have them done much bigger than when I get two non overlapping wings. God, getting the black wing coloured in is going to hurt like a bitch LOL.

So uh. there you have it.

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I didn't know posters of original content had a preference on whether their content was reblogged from the source of the reblogger. Thanks for pointing that out... if that's even what you meant? I'm just wondering why the preference when tumblr shows both the reblogger and the source it originated from. Is there really any harm done? PS. Love your creations :]

You’re welcome! It’s just one of those things that we would much prefer it if people reblogged our stuff as oppose to a reposter. It shows that you support us, you know? :) Us editors never mind if you reblog it from the source aka us (in fact, we love it!) but in most cases, reposters don’t provide a source and instead, they save our work and just post it without a link to us. That’s what reposting means.

I would say that it’s more of an insult really. Editors go to great lengths on their work; they have to customize colors and sharpen images - there’s a lot of work and attention to detail! Then there’s things like textures and PSD effects. We can tween our texts and mess with the dither and lossy when it comes to our GIFs! Most people don’t see that and reposters don’t understand that, they don’t see how much care us editors put into our work. All they see is the finished product so they don’t care at all how it got to that point. If I were to compare reposting, it’s pretty much plagiarism because they are trying to assume credit without giving the right source. Like, if we were published authors, there’s no way that we’d tolerate having our bestselling books reprinted without our permission, right? I hope this clears up some things! :) And also thank you! I’m glad you love them :)