neuers: i’d rather die tbh

nowthatiknow: no! my size is pretty average. the smallest head in my class was 53 cm and mine is, like, 56 i think, so :p and thanks! i just received it today and i don’t have my last exam for another 32 days, but just having it here is nice ^___^

aalvaromorata: tak! er ikke officielt student endnu, desværre, der er 32 dage og fem eksaminer endnu før jeg kan kalde mig det :p vi modtog bare huen i dag og det er deeeeeeejligt at have den! det hele virker lidt mere tæt på nu, synes jeg :D

Now That I Know (Unconditional Affection)

I am launching a third poetry series “Now That I Know” with a special dedication to all the wonderful mothers out there (starting with mine - funny enough I’m yet to show her this poem, but I will).

"Now That I Know" differs from the first series "Just So You Know" by the direction of the communication (towards the reader, rather than the subject). I am planning to launch the next series "Now That You Know" in the next weeks.

"Unconditional Affection" is deeply emotional and appreciative of the love we get from our mothers. So I deeply enjoyed writing this poem.

The language is straight forward, so easy to get at first read. But in repeated readings, you will appreciate the choice of words, positions of adjectives, rhymes, and therefore the poem will have a deeper impact on you.


So now that I am aware
of your motherly love and care,
I pledge my life to the dedication
of repaying your unconditional affection.

I couldn’t choose celebrating Valentine’s Day any other way but with “Now That I Know (Unconditional Affection)”.

Read full poem: Now That I Know (Unconditional Affection)

Image: Ravin Man Bajracharya