the fuck?

I always start shit off all formal and shit. I forget that this shit is my shit, and I can say whatever the fuck I want. Not like the music’s gonna be any less dope, right? Also, I don’t really have a fucking following yet, do I? So who the fuck am I talking to?

Right, so…

NowhereVille’s still being mastered, but it’s dope and worth the (short-ish) wait.

Played it for the Think Tank, reception was smang-tastic.

Played it for some girls that came over, reception was smang-tastic.

Played it for a bunch of different people, reception was smang-tastic.

Basically, all the early reviews are positive as shit, so stay tuned.

According to Ginbu, four of the 11 tracks are mastered.


(still talking to nobody…)


University assignments

University assignment questions can get really in depth like:

You have just moved to a small town in the middle of no where, called Nowhereville. Nowhereville has a town library, which you decide to join, being an avid reader. When joining you notice that the library does not run very efficiently, members have to wait days in line to borrow books, even though there are copies available in the library. It seems the algorithm used to manage the library only allows one borrower at a time in order to not tax the intellectual might of the Nowhereville librarians.Being an operating systems wizz, you realise they have a synchronisation issue, effectively they give mutually exclusive access to the whole library to one borrower at a time for as long as the borrower takes to read what they borrow. You offer to design a more efficient work-flow based on what you learnt in operating systems.”


Find a little cabin in the hills in the middle of nowhereville. Irish setter, my old guitar, 22 riffle, and a rod and reel. Read through that bible mama gave me, maybe stumble on some words to save me. You know I’d really like the sound of a mountain breeze and being somewhere I can suffer in peace.


I live in a place that literally has the word blank in its name. There is nothing and no one and to top it off: No shopping anywhere!! So unless it’s a slow day to where I can get out of my 30 mile radius I am bored out of my mind, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

hex and the chapter adventure book approach

I recently had a cool new idea for how to approach long projects, which was to make a note with about 8-10 blank chapter names, and fill them in over the course of a week or a month or however long I liked, with whatever titles came to mind. Then, when I went to actually write the book, I’d have to tweak and twist the plot to make the names of the chapters make sense. It was a lot of fun, although some of them were pretty hard.

Here’s my set of chapters, for the curious:

1. An Explosive Morning

2. Dead Animals in Nowhereville

3. The Stuttering Sidewalk

4. An Eater of Mysterious Fruits

5. The Sexening

6. Deadly and Dangerous

7. Back in the Pit Again

8. The Deep Sad

9. Ass

10. Suprise

11. An Explosive Afternoon