The world now looks more explosive than ever. In Egypt, Obama tried to install a Muslim Brotherhood fascist as president, but the political elites rebelled and put President El Sisi in the presidency. Today El Sisi is by far the most impressive spokesman for Muslims who don’t want nuclear martyrdom for themselves or their children. (Believe it or not, such Muslims do exist, by the millions.)

I was bored.

I have a feeling that this should be my persona: hl2 male model 2 with glasses. I think I need something else so it can be identified as me, but I just don’t know what. Similar to DasBoShitt and his ice pack hat thing. Maybe a top hat of some sorts? (maybe). An Otterman logo on his shirt? (nah). A leather jacket? (possibly). For the next poster I hope to make it related to Payday: The Heist, although I’m having trouble of creating a scene. I’ll work on that today and tomorrow. For now, enjoy this Michael Bay inspired explosion. I think it needs more explosions.

Alpha 1.1.5 Changelog

Here is the changelog for the first Desura alpha release! 

These are most of the changes from the initial alpha that was given to Groupees buyers.


  • Added fancy new explosion effects (now with 100% more screen shake!)

  • Added enemy smoke and fire effects as they take damage

  • Added muzzle flashes for most guns

  • Added the Blaze Catalyzer flamethrower

Tweaks and Improvements

  • Tightened up controls and increased movement speed

  • Rewrote enemy AI to be more intelligent when jumping over gaps

  • Rebalanced enemy and player damage and health

  • Lowered enemy spawn rates to alleviate being overwhelmed (might be a tad too easy now)

  • Tweaked how the Void Cannon affects nearby objects

  • Small performance improvements

  • Corrected the pixel scale on the Boss Wave intro animation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Sequential Atomizer targeting through floors and walls

  • Fixed some collision detection issues

  • Disabled the speedup debug button (whoops)

  • Fixed the Boss Wave logo flickering during the Boss Wave intro

  • Fixed some missing outlines on the logo

There’s a ton of other small things that we haven’t listed here. We have also made a ton of progress on the second level, but it still has a lot of work left to be done on it!

Want to check out the alpha? Get it here:

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Explosive New Information Revealed In Hillary Clinton’s Emails

As we are starting to learn more about what Hillary Clinton sent and received from her private server, Ed Henry highlighted some of the more explosive details on Happening Now.

According to emails released by the New York Times long time Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal sent then-Secretary Clinton a memo regarding the Benghazi terrorist claiming ‘demonstrators’ who were upset over a “sacrilegious internet video on the prophet Mohammed” conducted the attacks.

Ed Henry also pointed out that Hillary Clinton sent and received sensitive information from her private emails server.

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