“The frightened child who sheltered in my manse died on the Dothraki Sea, and was reborn in blood and fire.”

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In all honesty I was kind of bummed when Norma stopped wearing flannels and jeans. Since she's almost always in a dress and/or a nice coat with wedges, I got to thinking why. Then I came to the conclusion that maybe the writers want her portrayed more as Norman's "ideal" mother, how Norman views his mother in that crazy mind of his, which is not flannel-wearing mother. I could be wrong and making things too complicated, but just a thought!:-)

Me toooooooo. Norma in flannel was sexy as hell. She’s gorgeous in her constant dresses, don’t get me wrong; she looks amazing. But there was something to real and down-to-earth about her when she was in jeans and flannel.
I agree with your thoughts on it… Norma needs to be something that’s utterly gorgeous - something for her own son to subconsciously covet. That is made much easier by the dresses. Face it, she doesn’t need Norman to zip/unzip her when she’s wearing a flannel shirt, hehehe. They had to give him an image of Norma wearing that blue and white dress, after all.
I would kill to see her in jeans again, though. Even just once.

Small Rant on Daredevil 1x13

Thank you very much Marvel, for setting up a sweet unconventional romance in Daredevil with the characters of Foggy and Karen, then changing your minds in the last three episodes. Because of course, since Foggy’s off trying to solve the Kingpin case, Karen can no longer get immediate emotional support and validation from him, and therefore immediately switches back over to Matt so he can comfort her instead through the trauma induced in the back three. That’s fine of course, because you’ve already sent Claire packing, so we won’t have a stupid love triangle bogging down your gritty action series. And look, Foggy even gets a consolation girlfriend in the form of his ex because HE’S the SOLE REASON she now has morality again and he was really good in the sack during their booty call. Somehow. After drinking heavily. No one will notice or care anyway, because Matt and Karen are both hot!!!! They’re look good together!!!! WHO THE FUCK CARES????

…..ok, I am admittedly reading way too far into the meanings and agendas Marvel may or may not have added, and I did actually enjoy the finale despite my shipper’s complaints. Hell, they’re even not choking me with the idea of Matt/Karen, so I could potentially get behind it in the future once it stings less. But I really really thought Foggy/Karen was gonna be a thing and I was so exciting, because the actors have a ton of chemistry and there was just something about them that made it different and super refreshing. Maybe it was that Karen was allowed to flirt and make jokes and be dorky with Foggy, instead of automatically assuming he’s a dumb uneducated doofus (but in a cute, platonic way) for even daring to flirt with her, as most main female characters do when they meet the less conventionally attractive goofy sidekick. But no, she’s the lead, so she’s got to be with our sexy young main hero.

Tl;dr: SOMEONE GET ME SOME FOGGY/KAREN FANFIC STAT! AND WE NEED A SHIP NAME! I nominate either Foggy Pages (which admittedly just ends up being a subtle blind joke) or some kind of eel pun.

Just like the Catcher in the Rye, right caulfieldiisms?

Tired–she hasn’t felt that way in years.
Or, maybe she was always this tired of
everything around her, and just now it
hit her like a sack of bricks. The reality
she tried to run caught up, and she felt
the need to go home…

If home really wanted her back, which
was unlikely. Her first home had no-one
there, and the other had her careless
family, who didn’t even know she was gone. 

and so, where else to run except the
Blackwell dorms? At least to her own
dorm, to hide away from the world 
until she has rested. 

If only she went to the right room, jiggling
on the locked handle almost expecting it
to open at any minute. Only for her to stop
and sigh, eyes staring blankly at the door.

Is someone actually fucking in there


Ned: Well, I guess we know what Dido’s intentions are now. She kept Brazil’s original capital after sacking it from Attila.
Ted: And since his other cities were razed when Attila and Isabella took them, I guess Pedro’s not coming back any time soon.
Ned: I don’t think he is, sadly. And I doubt he’ll be the only one to fall, either. Spain really has it in for Boudicca, and Went Antu is keen on removing Oda Nobunaga from the game. This campaign seems to be incredibly violent. Whoever wins this is gonna have to survive this brutality.

My exhausted little baby girl she spent the day at the vets getting on grooms pretty now she’s sacked out with her head sticking out from under the bed I just love her and she is so pretty and smell so good – View on Path.

I saw her again today, spent like 3 hours trying to think “DO I KISS HER NOW…. HOW ABOUT NOW??? WILL SHE REJECT ME IDK” but then i sacked up and did it and my gawd it was so good i can get used to this #takenlyf

  • willow:[explains to satsu why she and buffy won't work out]
  • satsu:i hear you
  • willow:good. now. what's she like in the sack?
  • satsu:WHAT
  • buffy:do you know how long i've wondered about this? don't hold out on me sister
  • willow:oh yes you are! did she make that high-pitched squeal? i call it her "shoe-sale noise"