It’s back.

Even though this blog is on a semi-permanent hiatus due to me finally being an adult and having a job, I couldn’t let another year of AP Art History students go by without sharing my AP Art History Crash Course. Now in its third year, this (semi) comprehensive review over the next three days will feature key artworks students should know for the exam, along with study questions for you to think about while reviewing.

Please note that there is no answer key for the questions: they’re for your benefit, so if you don’t know an answer, do some research to figure it out!

As someone who took the exam way back in high school, I also have a list of tips and tricks for taking the exam, including some helpful dos and donts. Please remember to always listen to your teacher over me, though.

One last tip: the Cave to Canvas homepage is a great study guide—the artist, title, and dates of artworks won’t appear until you mouse over the yellow box below, so treat it like a set of flashcards to quiz yourself with.

For those of you wanting to keep up with me and what I’m currently working on (Instead of CtC), you can find me on Twitter.


Now in the future when someone posts ‘war flashbacks’ we all know it’s real.

We are truly an ARMY. This is what we can do if we work together and I’m so proud!!!! I have never been a part of such an amazing fandom. Thank you thank you!!! Now you can all go back to studying and goodluck!!!!!

Until tomorrow for the text votes!!!!

i decided to leave uni yesterday and its absolutely one of the best things i have done this year. goodbye to the panic attacks and uni guilt/stress and deadlines and word counts and late nights trying to finish things that dont ultimate make me happy. i feel like a weights been lifted off my shoulders. my head is alot clearer now and i can think about the future and focus on my mental health and being balanced. ive done the uni thing to death, and as much as i love studying psychology, i just dont love studying anymore, and i dont care that much about having a second degree. who knows, i might go back to study when im 30 or something, but for now uni is not on my radar in the slightest. i know if i continued, my symptoms/episode would have just gotten worse and i am not too keen on adjusting med after med just to keep studying (for another 6 years…) despite trying really hard to control all other aspects of my life. i never really thought giving up uni for good was an ‘acceptable’ option for myself, but im so grateful for one person in particular, that i hold very close to my heart, that gave me that reassurance when i wasnt even looking for it. i dont feel guilty in the slightest. im happy its over before i put too much of myself into it :)

I can’t stop laughing xD

My mom bought me hot dog rolls, so I can make hot dogs in the flat (oh yeah, I live in a flat when I go back to study in the university).

And now as I unpacked, I stared at this hot dog rolls, hearing my inner Cu’s screaming, like ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY DON’T EAT THIS THING

And I’m still laughing xD

darlingbenny asked:

instances when sherlock blushes Extra @ john?

ok Extra blush
  • succinctly reciprocated stare (intense enough both believe they fabricated or misread afterwards)
  • waking up warmly disoriented in a cab realising he gracelessly sinked on john’s side rather than the glass’s while falling asleep and now his forehead is on john’s shoulder
  • as a consequence of john’s sober casual ‘we’re sitting on the sofa next to each other pushed back by exhaustion and i’m going to use your leg as lever to get up’ groping (it’s not casual at all but sherlock doesn’t know)
  • entering the living room unnoticed and seeing john smiling to himself, kind of in an instant of soft fog in which it looks like everything could be
  • when he’s been despairing trying to get john’s attention and he suddenly does get it
  • not strictly @ john but: thinking about john’s praises while clutching his own knees so tight he nearly falls over, irritatedly sniggering at himself for doing that, then thinking about john in general and poorly hiding boiling cheeks behind his lean arms
  • as a consequence of john taking sherlock’s cigarette out of his mouth, inhaling on it himself once and then throwing it away, concerned wordless monologue throughout it
  • anytime any part of john is very close to a part of him
  • seriously there just need to be enough proximity and the Extra blush becomes a scale

i could go on but when i said all the time i meant it


“We can continue to be friends and play together forever, right?“ "Yes. We’re together forever.” “Do you remember what I said before?” “I’m sorry, I don’t quite recall.”

Imagine that the Director and the Counselor were college roommates. The Counselor was a psych major and the Director was studying A.I. theory. And one day the Counselor made a comment about how it would be interesting to study what happens if you put A.I. in people’s heads.

Imagine the Counselor getting this phone call 30 years later:

Director: Hey Aiden, remember that thing with the A.I. and people’s heads?

Counselor: No?

Director: Well I did it anyway. The A.I. is based off of me and it split into one based off my dead wife. Did you know that A.I. can split? It’s like creating a multiple personality disorder.

Counselor: …

Director: I wonder what will happen if I pit my daughter against the A.I. based on her mother.

Counselor: Leonard …

Director: I’m also going to stick an A.I. in her brain eventually.

Counselor: …

Counselor: Leonard, I think you need to calm down and talk to a psychiatrist.

Director: That’s why I called you, now do you want to study this or not?

Unexpected change of plans. I just realized that that following next week’s lectures would make me waste too much time, so I’m going back home (to my parents’, that is) in a couple of hours. I’m so mad at myself for realizing only now that there are only two weeks left until the exam and I would have never been able to attend all the lectures.

A couple of weeks ago I made a study plan but it’s too demanding and I have not been able to follow it. I’m too slow and now I’m behind on the schedule… This means I have to work my ass off in the next two weeks. I’ll literally have to glue myself to the books. I feel like if I were to do the exam now I wouldn’t be able to say anything… Why do I always panic when the exam is approaching?


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AP Exam Tips


  • Take a ton of practice tests to see what you remember and see what you got wrong
  • Study what you got wrong (look at your notes, crash course videos, online study guides, etc.) (I’m too tired right now to link study materials for you all, sorry, but you can find them, they’re not that hard)
  • Take more practice tests to see if you finally absorbed that information
  • ****take different practice tests just so you don’t get the right answer because the question looked familiar, that helps no one and it just tests how well you remember that specific question, NOT the information
  • If you still got things wrong, study them
  • Take more practice tests
  • Once you’re thinking “oh yeah, I have a good grasp of this,” then go back at some of the questions that you did get right and see if you got them right by chance (like you just randomly picked the right answer and hoped that it was the right one, because chances are, you might not get lucky again on the actual exam)
  • Ways to test to see if you have a good grasp on information:
  • ****try and explain the information to someone (a friend who’s willing (for some reason), a pet, a stuffed animal, etc.) 
    ****weird method I use is a connection map: write down 2 terms, events, etc., then from one of those terms, write down things you can connect to it, explain the connections, and eventually tie it to the second term you put down. This works for exams like history and psych especially. An example (from AP Psych because that’s what I have to study) in which I connect groupthink to PTSD:
  • Groupthink is when we have a tendency to seek concurrence among group members, or form similar attitudes and beliefs based on the whole group. This often leads to people wanting to conform more to the group’s expectations (or what they think those expectations are) so that they are a part of the “in-group.” People often recognize social distance when they are part of an in-group and can distinguish themselves from an out-group, which leads to a whole lotta prejudice, or negative attitude(s) toward and individual based solely on one’s membership in a particular group. Prejudice often leads to violence against another group. Such violence is a major stressor on individuals who are being attacked. If the even is traumatic enough, a person may never really get over the event. A person could develop PTSD, a delayed stress reaction in which an individual involuntarily re-experiences emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of past trauma in the form of flashbacks (common traumas that lead to this include: death, injury, natural disaster, rape, etc.).
  • Practice FRQs because those are more recall than recognition and will help your memory get used to recalling things (just bullet ideas, though, don’t waste your time with paragraphs because:
  •  a) some scorers really don’t care if your paragraphs are the epitome of good writing (e.g. AP Psych), 
  • b) some of them don’t even involve writing (e.g. AP Calculus), 
  • c) content is more important than fluff, and you can worry about your writing style later ) 
  • Study things you still don’t get
  • Take more practice tests
  • Repeat until you make practice tests your master (and eventually FRQs)
  • If you have to speak during your exam, practice speaking. Just get used to it and fine-tune your pronunciation (mainly advice for foreign languages)


  • If you are overextending yourself, stop studying and take a break, you don’t deserve to be so stressed.
  • Remember to eat, drink, etc.
  • Go to bed at a good time 
  • ****use this here thing to calculate when to go to bed based on when you’re supposed to wake up


  • On the morning of the test do whatever you can to make you feel better, even if it means:
  • ****wearing a lucky shirt or any other superstition that might help you
  • ****reminding yourself that this is just a test and that college board is evil
  • ****just saying good things about yourself like “damn I am the best-looking test-taker in this entire room!” or about the situation “hey I get to get out of class to do this!”
  • Because if you feel like you’re gonna do well, you’ll do better than if you think that you’re going to fail. 
  • Read every question because ap tests like to mess with you and give you confusingly worded questions. Do not be fooled, you are better than that.

AND AFTER THE TEST (if you can):

  • Celebrate with a milkshake or whatever (I did that for my AP Euro exam two years ago and it was probably the best decision ever, but you do whatever makes you happy)
  • Take a nap, naps are great (especially if you’re the type of person that gets REALLY tense during the actual exam and gets really tired afterwards no matter how challenging the test was)
  • Just do at least one nice thing for yourself if you can, even if it’s something small like looking at a cat video on youtube


  • Study, try not to overextend yourself as usual, and head to bed earlier
  • ****or calculate when you should go to bed again 
  • Use the same or similar methods depending on the importance and/or ease of the exam (like if one subject is really kicking your ass, study for that one over the one you’re pretty okay with)

Good luck!

// 11:26am - i know i’ve been super mia from this blog for the past month or so but i totally went through an anti-everything mood, which happens sometimes when my anxiety gets really bad.. but everything is okay now and i am back! in the past 2 weeks, classes have ended and i have had 3 finals and my last one is in exactly a week.. so, right now i am planning for that and then i’m going to start reviewing class notes.. i don’t think i have anything else to say lol i hope everyone is doing well! and i really want to start making some friends on this blog but i don’t really know how to go about that.. any tips would be great! // 

22 April 2015

These couple of weeks have been so mentally draining ! I’m so glad to have a 6-day break next week. It will be a time of joy and rejuvenation. I’ll probably go to London too :D Can’t wait !
But for now there is still a history test I have to study for ! Remember folks, if you suffer silently now, it will all come back to you in the form of good grades later. So give me a 100% !

Quick & Dirty Guide To Chapter Outlines

1. Assemble your supplies. Pens, paper, computers, tablets, whatever floats your boat. I personally use a computer and a word processor (or Notability). And your textbook–don’t forget your textbook (or whatever you’re outlining).

2. Quickly flip through your textbook and write down the headings of chapter and subheadings. Use bullets to separate these. Use different colors. Also add anything in bold as sub-sub-headings (that’s trademarked by the way).

3. Now go back through your bare bones outline as you read the book and fill in things that seem important–pay attention to anything that’s bolded (since that’s already in your bare bones outline from step #2), anything that’s defined, anything that relates to your degree (for example, I’m studying medicine and hopefully will be treating patients someday so I’ll pay really close attention to sections describing signs and symptoms and how a patient presents). 

4. Celebrate. 

veesjan asked:

Protoman w/ 64?

Again, finals are approaching, so I’m leaving it like this for now… I miiiight go back to it once I’m free, but I’m not promising anything!

The way I have been drawing helmets lately doesn’t convince me. I should study references…

…i just noticed, I forgot drawing his shield again……. ah……

It is the second or third time I color this way i think? hmmm if I keep practising I might be able to take it somewhere interesting maybe