Book 2 Unalaq Babble

Okay, real talk: I’m going through Book 2 for the recaps now, and Unalaq’s plan is unintelligible to me. I have questions.

So, we know he was a Red Lotus member. And from what I can tell, the Red Lotus wanted to do two things:

  1. Free Vaatu during Harmonic Convergence (which required kidnapping Korra, preferably at a young age so she’d be willing to open the portals)
  2. Kill Korra in the Avatar State, ending the cycle and going back to the days of Vaatu vs. Raava rolling around and fighting

It’s possible that #1 wasn’t part of the original plan, but I have to imagine with Unalaq studying the spirits as heavily as he did, he informed Zaheer about it. Plus Zaheer praised Korra’s decision to open the portals, so that would seem consistent with the goals I just outlined.

Unalaq hates his brother and wants power, so he hires bandits like the Grima Wormtongue that he is, knowing his brother’s temperament. Tonraq does legitimately destroy the forest, which is not a good thing to do. And because of him dark spirits do attack the NWT, right? Or did Unalaq summon those spirits? Because that forest was hella ruined so there was reason for them to be pissed:

But yay, Unalaq’s plan works, Tonraq goes to the SWT and Korra never bothers to ask why her dad, who is kind of royalty and older than Unalaq, lives where he does…’kay.

We know Zaheer & Co. get arrested when Korra’s younger. So at some point after that, Unalaq gets the idea that he could still get Korra to open the portals, but this time he’s going to fuse with Vaatu and become a dark avatar. Therefore, heading into B2, Unalaq’s mission is to:

  • Get Korra to open the portals
  • Fuse with Vaatu
  • Profit
  • If possible, be a dick to Tonraq along the way

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So, I’m actually on a study break (sorry guys) but I could’t resist checking out Tumblr and the irony is just too much to handle : SS have been screaming “we have a new novel about our ship, they’re in love, it’s canon, Kishi approved, deal with it !” And now that it doesn’t seem to portray the imaginary fluffy/kinky/lovey-dovey relationship they believed in they scream “NON-CANON “ ???!

I can’t be the only one smirking at that, right ? Even though I haven’t considered these novels canon from the start and still stand on my position, I just find this a bit funny.

I haven’t had much time for myself lately with school, family and friends problems. Lots of exams, homework, weird stuff happening. Plus, since my back hurt, I couldn’t really go to the gym and exercice — I was scared it would get worse.. So I was at home a lot. And yeah, there’s the two weeks strike too. Sigh.
I’m glad I decided to start cross-stitching because it makes me calm and keeps me concentrated. Once I finish the one I’m doing now I’ll be able to finish my school essays and study for the exams coming in 1-2 weeks. Then I might design my own cross stitch pattern or get inspired by some ideas I’ll find.
The more the days go by, the more I get impatient to move and change university. Sure, I’ll miss the friends I met here, but I have this feeling they’ll forget about me fast. I’m used to it so I guess it won’t make me too sad.
I’m a bit confused with what’s going on in my life for the past weeks but I’ll figure it out ^^

auctumnitas asked:

oblivious vol.2 live ver or oblivious lisani 2011 ver (I'm actually reading the book now tho //hit)


vol.2 is the best and you cannot convince me otherwise. the only con was that keiko relied on the backing vocals but the pro of wakana correctly scatting all throughout the song as well as hikaru not being overly nasally and hitting all her notes as well is more than enough to make up for it

EDIT: wait… vol.2 or vol.3? i answered thinking you meant vol.3 but i don’t know the YK lives’ discography as well lol

Getting back in shape while in college (for free).

Since I started college I’ve been focusing mostly on my studies and completely neglected my body. I spent four fucking years getting in shape but the last year there was just to much going on so I hardly worked out, and now I am paying for it. I feel weaker and I’ve put on visible amount of fat. Sadly, I just don’t have the time anymore to go to the gym six times a week and I know I’m not the only one who has this problem. So here is a quick and easy workout plan which requires no equipment.

You’ll be doing 4 exercises:
1. Upper body
2. Lower body
3. Core
4. Cardio

You can choose what exercises you want to do, just do a quick google search on bodyweight workouts. For cardio I suggest rope skipping but you could also just run on the spot or do high knees (again, google the shit out of cardio exercises).The way this works is that, in the beginning, you’ll do an exercise for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds then continue with the next exercise.

E.g. Push ups, Rest, Squates, Rest, Planks, Rest, Jump rope, Rest.

Repeat this cycle at least 3 times. This workout will last for 12 minutes. You can vary the intensity by increasing or decreasing the Resting time or by number or circuits.

Of course exercising is just a small part getting back in shape and of leading a healthy lifestyle. The other more important part, the one I struggle with, is eating healthy. And as long as you eat a balanced diet you don’t have to count calories.

Good luck to you. And me.


London has been the best semester I could have ever asked for. Thinking back on when I first got here I am a completely different person now. I’m so much more independent and mature and I feel like an adult at this stage in my life. With only 20 days left I really am going to miss this home. Thank you for giving me the best days of my life

all these things that I’ve done  [listen]
writing playlist

i. midnight city - M83 // ii. sweater weather - the neighbourhood // iii.  called out in the dark - snow patrol // iv. take a walk - passion pit // v. feeling good - muse // vi. on top of the world - imagine dragons // vii. ho hey - the lumineers // viii. call it what you want - foster the people // ix. take back the city - snow patrol // x. horchata - vampire weekend // xi. lover’s carvings - bibio // xii. shadowplay - the killers // xiii. sleep alone - two door cinema club // xiv. daylight - matt & kim // xv. float on - modest mouse // xvi. all these things that i’ve done - the killers


I’d risk my life for two things, love and revenge.
(Happy Birthday
Emilie! ♥ ♥ ♥)


lyrics that speak to me on a Supernatural level

↳ Dean Winchester + 11th Dimension