On the friendly vs. Reggiana:
“This week has started on an enthusiastic note I think this weekend we have an important match. I am, and always have been, available to the coach. Before the Reggiana friendly, I hadn’t played in a while I now hope to have the chance to feature.”

On joining Milan:
“I’ve improved following my arrival at Milan. I knew that the Spanish and English leagues would be different to the Italian one. I just needed time to adapt and settle - but now I know the club, the Italian league and my team mates.
It’s a nice group that we have here at Milanello, I can safely say I get along with everyone. I get on well with Van Ginkel who is more or less my age and whom I speak English with.”

“I want to feel like an important player here not just now, but also in the future.”


I hope enough of you out there have slow-cookers at home, because this recipe alone makes getting one worth it! They’re great for setting up now and eating later. Toaster and I went for a long workout while we waited for this beef to cook.

Slow-cookers are cheap and easy to buy on sites like Amazon. You should try getting one if you don’t have one!

I used a recipe from Damn Delicious!  You can find the recipe here.  

I used Gochujang instead of Sriracha, to give it more of that Korean flavor. I also added Korean chili pepper flakes and a Thai chili pepper for extra spicy, but I have a very impressive spice threshold. ;)  Stick to a smaller amount of sauce if you like it milder! Either way, this was so tasty it was hard to stop eating.

Toaster is the nickname I gave to a Hazard Bunny, created by taintedsweets! You can check out her store and buy a bunny for yourself right here!

I am in class and don’t know any details, but my friend just told me about TPratchett.  I don’t know what to say; but my feelings go out to his family and to all of you who loved his work and grew through it.  I hope he knows (and I’m fairly sure he did) how much his life meant.  And all of those people facing death who wrote him to tell him they didn’t fear the reaper any more—and that they hoped the Death they met would be like the Death he wrote about, I hope they are there to meet him (even I hope I get the chance to thank him some day).

Also everyone remember that PTerry wrote that there were a lot of causes stupid enough to die for, but that the really important things were those to live for.  Your lives have been influenced by his great one; and your lives can be  great.

“Right here, right now, we are alive.” ~Small Gods

Thank you Sir PTerry.

magiccatprincess asked:

So, how big/small do you think the odds of a 2nd season are?

I’m actually not sure. 

From what the show is trying to hint at, this will be the final episode. They are advertising it that way, but I am not sure how much of that is supposed to be misleading or not. I’m personally hoping we are going to get an unresolved ending or at least an open one, like, maybe there is a temporary truce between the characters and that “Love Forever” will be more like the Battle Lovers will continue to “love forever”, or in this case, continue fighting for love which could be spun into a second season.

However, we all know money is what matters here. Boueibu was a brave splash into the magical girl genre that initially was met with mixed views, but now has become highly sought after. The fact the the first DVD is sold out, the character songs have been a selling well, and that merchandise and events are constantly being pushed out are really strong indicators that Boueibu will make up for the animation production costs and profit enough for a second season, OVA, etc. 

I feel like the Boueibu franchise is far from over though, even if we don’t necessarily get a season 2. The Seifukubu manga is implied to continue on even when the anime ends (especially since the story is just now starting with it) and there are DVD events all the way until August, which means there might be Drama CDs and more song releases, like the Duet CDs and other merchandise. 

The best we can hope for is that the crew makes enough money for a feasible season 2. Please support Boueibu in any way you can~! <3 

I read that Vague piece.

And now I’m nauseated, but there’s a glee beneath my nausea. They screwed up, in more ways than I’m seeing discussed here. And PR and the nannies are seeing what we’ve uncovered, and are jumping bad, from the comments I’m seeing. PR is also probably hoping we don’t find their other screw-ups, too. So there will be even more damage control and extraordinary levels of baiting. Expect unparalleled fuckery to ensue. And most importantly, stay frosty. Please don’t fall for receipt-free sightings. Please don’t get drawn into arguments. We don’t all have to agree, but we can disagree in a civil manner. 

Now, I need to go to the firing range. PR, could you hold off on messing up for a couple hours? Thanks. 

And STAY FROSTY, people. 

We have just under two weeks to go on our Kickstarter, so please help spread the word and don’t wait too long if you’re planning on contributing. There are a lot of great tiers with some amazing items in them - some of which are limited in number.

Our hope is to get enough of a bump to become more visible in Kickstarter searches and possibly as an “editor’s pick”. We’re halfway through, so there’s still time for this to happen!

We are extremely grateful for all of your support. There are new people coming to our page more regularly than ever, and believe me, every like is greatly appreciated!

Here are some panels from one of the pages we are working on now and I will try to have a new bio up later tonight.

Thank you again and here is the link to our Kickstarter :)

~ THNEED TIMES ~ issue 14

This is an underground paper providing news for what’s left of our fandom.

What’s the Dish, Hummingfish?
~Camp Weehawken is now open for signups! This will be the 4th run for the fandom’s very first AU, provided enough people participate. Camp starts on May 22nd (although campers may start early), so rev up those headcanons!

~Cosplay-ler is now making Thneeds from chinchillas. Will no one stop this guy? Quick, somebody rescue the animals while he’s out visiting his cousin! What’s going to be next? Cats? Birds? Why not make an honest living instead?

~The AB Project has begun. As the contents of Swone’s secret notebooks are finally revealed to the public, we hope to get a taste of the inner workings of this cannibal’s mind.

Paparazzi Pizza
~If last issue’s art sales weren’t enough, here are a few more brought to you by Badger, Oods, and Nova. Penny recently revamped her commissions post, too.

~Ever wonder happened to Book-ler? Was the cake that bad? Actually, he’s now starring in Eyugho’s magical boys webcomic. Check it out here!

~Skully offers himself up to everyone who’s ever known or heard of him in a sincere attempt to clear the air of any lingering bad vibes. Tell your friends!

This Booty Ass Town
~Mar. 24th, 2015 was a night to remember for Swoncest fans. Swag decided to put his gay feelings for One out in the open by wearing thigh highs for him on his birthday, leading to the ship finally becoming canon. Thank you, future One, we owe it all to you!

~Tree is free! Well, sort of! And if anyone was curious about what was in the pink envelope, it was…a bunch of scandalous photos. We should’ve known. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Street of the Lifted Once-lings
~On Mar. 21st, 2012, Swag Once-ler made his first post. He quickly rose to become the most popular and influential askblog in the fandom, receiving hundreds of asks each day during his prime and luring in countless new Once-lings. He was treated like a celebrity (as a Once-ler should be!) and was the origin of many of the fandom’s inside jokes. Although he was a spoiled rich brat, he diverted attention away from fandom drama, encouraged proper spelling, and cared a whole awful lot about his fans (he cheered up people in private, too). His catchphrase, “Stay stupid, baby”, will never be forgotten.

~We were all grape on Mar. 25th, 2012. They say it started when someone made a typo on the word “great” and ended up calling the fandom “grape”. This resulted in the fandom’s first nightblogging session, where everyone made grape references all night long.

15 Cents
~We hope you’re all enjoying the first week of Spring! If you’re bored, why not see if you can find some useful reaction images here? Click the big link at the very top for the salvaged Almighty Lorax Folder. Thanks, Swaggermimint!

Asexual Artists Assemble!  Artists Wanted (1)

Every now and again, I will post announcements about places and people looking for contributions from ace artists.  I will never post anything that expects artists to work for free or exposure.  Don’t even get me started on that rant.

Today, we have opportunities for ace visual artists and ace writers.  Without further ado …


Okay, so I hope this isn’t too weird, but I’m in need of an artist.  I’ve been so invested in getting Asexual Artists up and running that I kind of lost track of time and now I’m in a bit of bind, which is really stressing me out.

Here’s the story:  my biggest con of the year is in April (the weekend of the 23rd).  I’m going to be surrounded by authors who have loads more money than I do, probably way more resources, and most probably already have an established audience.  I’m going to be all on my lonesome at my table and I’d really, really like to have something to draw people in (aside from my novels of course).  Obviously, people are drawn in by visuals and most of these booths will just be covered with them.

I really, really want to hire an ace artist.  I’d prefer someone who can draw realistic figures (human-like in appearance for the most part, maybe a couple animals) and someone who doesn’t mind answering fairly obvious questions or working with an occasionally frazzled author.  I have a couple ideas of what I’d like, but would definitely welcome your insights and ideas as well.

Again, I don’t have a lot of money, but I am willing to pay you something for your time and work (monetary and exposure, obviously).  I’d be willing to give you a PDF of my first and 2nd novels for free (and some excerpts of the third:  there’s a scene I’d really love to have illustrated that I think it would be fairly simple to sketch).  If everything goes well, and you enjoy the job, I may even hire you in the future for cover art (if you were interested).

If you’re interested and/or want to know more, please please please contact me at

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Yesterday, I received an email from K.D. Callaghan, who was interviewed earlier for this site.  She brought a new magazine to my attention:  Vitality

They are specifically seeking asexual writers and submissions open again in May.  It might be worth checking out.  I’ve only skimmed it, but they seem to accept both short stories and poems.

Well, that’s it for now.  New interview goes up today.  So exciting!

Good morning Monday. ❤️ This hit me hard this morning. It seems all the news is about lately is discrimination, judgement, and hate, especially here in Indiana. We just keep getting further and further from a world of love and respect. The reality is overwhelming, heavy, and hard to digest. In this world today I feel it is a growing importance, now more than ever, be a small light of love in the world. To touch those you meet with a smile, compassion, and kindness. And to be a reminder, to yourself and others, that there is hope for a world filled with peace and possibility. 😘🙏❤️ #peace #hope #love #beauty #stopthehate #loveall #belove #bethelight #compassion #nojudgement #befree #onelove #worldpeace #respect

Thank you

On behalf of Ryan and myself, I want to thank all of our Lima Heights listeners. We really hoped when we first asked the FY Glee Podcast admins if we could host episode recaps that you guys would want to listen to our ramblings and now here we are!

But we never imagined that we’d get all the support and find so many wonderful, smart people who wanted to be a part of it. Hundreds of you listen every week… amazing!

So whether you’ve been a guest, or you listened to just one podcast or downloaded all of them, we sincerely and truly appreciate you. You made our fandom journey so much more enjoyable because we had so many wonderful people to share it with.

The episode recaps may be over, but we’re not going anywhere just yet. Stay tuned for info on our series recap: And That’s What You Missed on Glee, where we hope to have our largest guest panel ever. You can start submitting questions now and let us know if you’d like to be on the ginormous guest panel. (Don’t worry. If you’re shy, we may still read your question on the air!)

Also, we’re bringing back our character arc podcasts, so watch this space for more info. 

~ Axe :)

GUYS i just had a thought. it’s a wild guess but i thought i’d get it out there.

okay so by now i’m sure that most of you have heard the theories about gideon possibly being a vampire. if you haven’t, i can link you to someone talking about it, but it essentially points out several facts about him. like him having five fingers and alex not disclosing as to why because he feared it to be too spoilery, or how stan said that he “rolled into town” whenever we’ve been told he originated in gravity falls, he’s supposedly nine and we saw him in blendin’s game when dipper and mabel went ten years back. anyways, enough recalling, i have another idea. what if instead of a vampire, he was something equally immortal. something equally manipulative. something like a demon, perhaps? more specifically, a dream demon.

i’ve taken note of this little guy many a time and enjoy other fan’s theories about him being a dream demon or something of the like, so whenever i began piecing two and two together this fellow came to mind immediately. what if that’s gideon’s true form? heh,  i suppose that you could tie in the white, taller point atop the star to tie in with the human version of gideon’s hair as well.

i know we’re supposed to take many of the things said in the show as simply jokes, but take a look at this too. this could be interpreted as foreshadowing as well.

if you’ve watched vailskibum94′s video on gideon being a vampire, you can see that many of his points apply to the idea of gideon being a demon. (if you haven’t yet and want to, click here.) i was hoping to bring up some of the points without bringing up his video but i would practically be quoting it otherwise. my apologies.

i don’t want to bash other people’s theories so please don’t take it this way, i simply want to point out facts. that being said, if gideon were a classic vampire, wouldn’t he have visible fangs? or at least get injured in the sunlight? having had an episode where he laid in the sun the entire episode, it is made obvious that he is not hurt by it in the slightest. however, his being older than originally thought and wish to get his five-fingered paws on the journals could lead to him being a demon. maybe he needs the journals to return to his original form? just a thought.

point being, there’s a good chance gideon could be a demon. whatever he is, he certain’t isn’t nine, and probably not even human. what do you guys think?

*as they come out of the water, dripping wet from surfing*

danny: “sorry, babe. i still don’t get it.” 

*insert talk about calling a wave when surfing cute argument here*

~a scene later after mary asks if they are ‘surfing buddies’ now~

danny: “excuse me”

steve: “yeah”

danny: “so we are kind of surfing buddies now?”

steve: “are you sensitive right now?”

danny: *shrugs* “yeah, a lil bit.”

steve: *smirks and walks away*


notanotherteenwolf asked:

Hi Amy, I was just wondering something. I don't want to come off as rude or mean, I'm just genuinely curious. What are your thoughts on some of the gross stuff that Jared and Jensen have said that have recently come to light? (Like their misogynist and transphobic comments and Twitter posts etc.) I used to idolize these guys and now I'm not sure so I was just wondering how you felt about it. I hope this doesn't distress you bc ur an angel but ur 1 of the very few spn blogs I still follow. Thx!

hey bb thanks for the ask imma put my answer under a readmore 

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anonymous asked:

how do you think shonda will handle calzona? i mean, we all have our own perfect scenarios but what do you think she'll do? i'm getting desperate over here, their storyline is giving me no hope and i really need hope right now. love your blog btw, have a good day! xx

I really have no idea. I keep hoping that Shonda has something amazing planned and she is just pushing the Calzona fans’ buttons right now so that we’ll be even more surprised when it happens. I don’t know how it will play out, but I’m quite confident that Callie and Arizona will end up together. Shonda knows how important and significant Calzona is, and she must have some idea of the impact they’ve had on the LGBT community. I think that eventually, Callie and Arizona are going to get legally married. I know it’s hard, but try not to lose hope. And thank you so much! You, too :)

anonymous asked:

I can't believe that now on top of everything, we're losing Tyler H. Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without your fics. The writers should've gave him more to do instead of just exploiting him for his body. Derek Hale had such an interesting history and psyche, but they never gave Tyler much to do. Happy that Tyler H is leaving to pursue his dreams, but I'm just sad he's leaving.

Yeah, tbh I don’t think it even matters to the show because the writers clearly had no idea what to do with Derek. Here’s hoping that Tyler Hoechlin gets a great role in an awesome movie.


Hey, everyone! Thank you much for upvoting and sharing my last pyro artwork - thanks to you all, it’s now being reviewed by Valve for possible acceptance and I’m SO excited! They asked me for some more art, so I’ve leaned in and updated the piece in my previous post for tshirts, mousepads or posters.

If enough people upvote it, I could become an official contributor for We Love Fine - you hear that? An OFFICIAL FANGIRL! My DREAM! And then I’ll get to make a lot more fun stuff for you guys. Here’s hoping!

#The100HSP no.2

So last night’s rewatch was pretty fun guys and we hope even more people join next week for 1.02! That being said, we will again be on tinychat here and I am also tweeting here using the same hashtag. 

Now the important thing. We made a poll because we want to know where our followers are from and what time would work best for you if you want to participate. 
Please take the poll here so we can make the rewatch a better experience for everyone!

After we get enough results from the poll, the time of the rewatch will be updated (you can find all the updates regarding #the100hsp at the left side of the blog).

-Admin L