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So I read this fic the other day where Levi and Eren were dating but they lived in different countries and Levi was a trans guy and he bought tickets to go see Eren irl for the first time and Eren waited for him at the gate and they shared their first kiss and it was all the fluffy fluff in the world and it reminded me so much if you & Andi and now I imagine that scene, only with you both and not your muses 😁

hori shitto dude.

Stop giving me more dokis than I’m already suffering because I’m literally counting down the days until I get to see her.

(it’s 17 days.)

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hey guys what's up? read any fab fics recently? anything's good, i'm just wondering what y'all are into at the moment.

Hey nevergooutofstiles

Ok, so we find this both hilarious and kind of embarrassing: neither of us are reading Sterek fics right now! *facepalm* 

I know, the horrors! We both got sidetracked by the (freaking amazing) webcomic Check Please, which has super awesome fanfiction…

But anyhoo. Click here to see what Fluffy’s recently bookmarked on her Ao3 account–or, you know, GO READ SOME OF HER FICS (shameless promotion courtesy of her #2 Fan, Angsty)–and click here to see what Angsty’s reading.

But here are some recent fics we’ve enjoyed! 


Tell Me, So I Know by  TroubleIWant

(7,470 I Mature I Complete I Mates)

It took years for Derek to finally confront the way he felt about Stiles, and even after he figured it out he could only explain in Spanish. It took them two years more to get to where they were now. Only with neither of them quite willing to commit, where exactly is that, anyways?

Well, for Stiles it’s a deserted stretch of road behind the Hale house, half trapped in a car wreck after being abducted by hunters. Frankly, he could really use Derek’s help if he’s going to get out of this alive. Mates are supposed to be able to tell when the other is in pain, right? As Derek would probably say, ’querido, no.’

Or, a love story in two parts… and two languages.

Thaw by TroubleIWant

(9,978 I Mature I Complete I Emissary!Stiles)


Even hearing his voice reminds him what a bad idea this is. “Hey, Derek. Just ran into a beta who was really interested in your location. In a distinctly non-friendly way. So heads up.”

“Are you alright?” Derek asks. Even through the bad connection he sounds a little wrecked, like he’s got the gist that no, Stiles is not.

“Peachy,” Stiles lies. They breathe at each other for a moment, until he can’t take all the things they’re not saying, anymore. “How’s Winnipeg? Liking the snow?”

“Calgary, now,” Derek corrects.

“Man, don’t tell me that,” Stiles whines. “It’s safer if I just don’t know.”

“Not safer for you, if you need me.”

Stiles snorts at that, then winces. If he needs Derek. Sure, let’s put that in the hypothetical. “I gotta go. Just wanted to warn you.” He doesn’t hang up.

“I love you,” Derek says, fast and hot like he thinks Stiles might cut him off in the middle of it. He’s not wrong.

“That’s nice,” Stiles says, in a tone that implies the opposite. He ends the call.


In which Stiles is an Emissary, Derek is in love with him, and nothing comes as easy as it should.

The Christmas Raffle by mikkimouse

(10,386 I Explicit I Complete I Warning: (Past) Dubcon, Biphobia and Homophobia I Royalty AU)

Every year, the royal Hale family raffles off a Christmas dinner with Prince Derek to raise money for charity. But this year, the winner is the second chance Derek didn’t know he was looking for.

Over the Moon by i_kinda_like_writing

(32,814 I General I Complete I Mpreg, Mates)

Stiles and Derek spend a night together, and Derek, thinking he’s protecting Stiles, tells him it was a mistake.
Stiles leaves Beacon Hills. He also leaves behind 6 letters to say goodbye to the pack.
From his letters, the pack thinks he’s killed himself.
Meanwhile, Stiles is in NYC, living with Jackson, going to Columbia, oh, and he’s pregnant.


All Along, Not So Strong (without these open arms) by Cuppa_Char

(5,620 I General I Complete I Warning: Panic Attack Episode 3x20 Related)

He should be able to breathe easier, right? His dad knows everything now. He doesn’t have to lie anymore. His dad’s alive. They’re all fucking alive. It’s one big epic win for them. He should be able to breathe easier but he’s not because suddenly his chest tightens, the trees spinning around him, and he blinks more blood into his eye, his vision tinting red.

And it’s all crashing in on him at once. Every piece of bad shit that’s happened over the last year. Everything that’s happened between his mom and now. Every fucking bad memory he’s ever had. And he can’t get past that he’d nearly lost his dad. That he nearly didn’t have him and how easily that might have happened. That he could have lost both of them and then it would just have been him and nothing else.

The Isolationists by velveteenshadowboxer

(6,047 I Explicit I Complete I Post-Apocalypse AU)

Sixteen, says Stiles.

Derek closes his eyes. Ok, he says.

Stamp of Approval by JessicaMDawn

(11,403 I Teen I Complete I Soulmates, Actor!Derek)

All soulmates share a birthmark. A angry fan of Derek Hale, movie star, pulls his shirt down and reveals his mark. In Beacon Hills, Stiles Stilinski gets on the internet and sees shady pap photos of, apparently, his soulmate. So how do you contact a famous person to tell them “Hey… I’m kinda your soulmate maybe?” when hundreds of other people are tweeting them the same thing?

Hot Mess by standinginanicedress

(20,458 I Explicit I Complete I This is the funniest shit ever, holy god.)

“I really -” Stiles rips his hand free of Derek’s and clears his throat, taking stock of all the other things that were in his basket, how strewn all over the floor of the grocery store they are. “…I’m a normal, functioning human being, I swear I am.”

“Right,” Derek says, and his mouth starts quirking up even more. Like he’s amused, and like he absolutely positively does not believe for a second that Stiles is normal.

or the one where Stiles is a literal human disaster that ruins everything, and Derek finds it incredibly attractive.

Make Grilled Cheese, Not War by talula

(22,243 I Explicit I Complete (though it says WIP) I Homeless!Stiles and Chef!Derek)

Stiles runs away after his father’s death and ends up living on the streets of New York City. A new cook at the shelter shakes up his carefully isolated life.

Have fun stalking us! ;)

Fluffy and Angsty

pilferingapples replied to your post: Wow I was gone all of yesterday WHAT H…

THERE HAS BEEN FIC for MMC week! :D It’s very good fic, I am so pleased. Are you moving, is that the Busy, is it going great?:D

I HAVE SEEN SOME FIC and I’ve put it in my drafts to read/reblog later!!

And I have not moved yet, but I’m so close to being done packing that maybe I can go to some graduation parties this weekend! Other Busy Things: Boyfriend has graduated and is now Dr. Boyfriend. Our college friend, who we have not seen for four years came out to visit. AND WE MOVE ON MONDAY. :D

Honestly at this point I don’t even really care. I had my depressive episode after the final and let’s be real I’m still in that, but I’m not going to let this effect me that much. The show was never going to make up for that ending anyway and now it’s just more official that it won’t be the show we fell in love with. 

But I’m not going to let that destroy all the energy and passion I’ve put into writing fic. That’s for me. That’s for all of us. The show and the showrunners don’t get to take that away because of their pettiness or whatever is going on. I’m going to continue to write, for as long as I have the inspiration too (which will be at least three more fics). I’m going to continue to read all the hard work that has been done by all the other wonderful fic writers. I’m not going to let this destroy me any more than it already has. 



  • King And Lionheart – thehoyden, “Sidney’s wedding day doesn’t go quite as he’d planned. When he’d bothered to imagine it at all, he’d thought of a nice June wedding in Nova Scotia, outdoors with the sun streaming down. He hadn’t imagined this hurried affair on the tarmac on a rainy and unseasonably cool day in early September, a month after his twenty-fifth birthday.” sidgeno, its got pining and feelings and also sex! its the most liked fic on ao3 bruh u better read. 
  • And Never Been Kissed – thehoyden and twentysomething, “id didn’t introduce himself in the hallway, and he certainly doesn’t assume that people know who he is. So it would only be polite to thank Malkin again, this time more personally.He could write him a letter. An email? No, a letter.” sidgeno, pen pals turned best friends turned bOYFRIENDS, /and/ its got a whole chapter thats 99% fucking. hell yeah. 
  • Semantic Shift – neros-violon, “He asked what some of the words meant, on the signs, what they yell. I told him. He’s a fan of Princess Sidney, especially.” I like it when geno uses petty crosby insults in a sarcastic manner, i especially love when jokes change context and the new context is /emotions/. 
  • Thou and You – pentapus and twentysomething, “There’s no way to tell just by looking at someone whether or not they are a magician. Some are more obvious than others, but Evgeni has been introduced to thousands of people since coming to London and he has never been absolutely certain before.But when Lady Everly says, “Oh, Your Highness, this is Mr. Crosby,” Evgeni knows the man in front of him is a magician.” THIS IS HONESTLY PROBABLY MY FAVORITE FIC. of hockey fandom anyway. i love magic aus and even though victorian isnt my favorite, you just gotta love the world building. if they changed the names they could sell this, i swear its that good. 

mrssethjones here u gooooo :))))))))))))

A quick gb thing~

I don’t know why I ever paused drawing star trek guys ds9 is the love of my life

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Hello. You know any good fics where Steve is the one that makes the first move or is flirty? I'm just tired of Tony being the one to iniciate things

Hey there! I get you honey, now I love me some blushing!steve but it’s nice to read fics where the roles are reversed and Tony is the one stammering and blushing like a teenage girl so here you go:

These are all the ones I can think of we need more flirt!steve. Enjoy!

Something’s gotta give

Summary: It’s just- he’s so annoying. Like, every time Phil shoots a smile to the class and making every girl and gay guy swoon. Not Dan though. Even when he’s as straight as his natural hair, he’s not going to like Phil any time soon.

Genre: Fluff!!!

Warning: smut(top!dan oops, public sex), swearing, violence(gang fights bruh)

Words: 4, 173 words (woah)

A/N: Prequel for soft spot!! okay I know what you’re thinking; top!dan is dumb. Okay first of all, I get it. Don’t read this then, I’m honestly fine because it already satisfies my huge ass kink for dominant dan, even if I find dom!phil way hotter. So please, if you’re here to make a top/bottom joke, now’s not the goddamn time because this fic is waiting for you to be read. Soz for the rant. (Thank you phansparent for the suPPORT YOU GAVE ME) I think im spoiling you guys with the smut and fluff. Expect an angsty fic soon

Honestly, Dan would be lying if he said he hated his most loved boyfriend before.

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The Honeymoon’s Over- Olicity Drabble- Post 3x23

AN: With all the road trip fics going around (which is a thing of beauty BTW) I couldn’t help but wonder how they would handle returning after spending every day and night together for five months. 

Just a little one-shot drabble, post 3x23. 

Rated: Teen

“So, what do we do now?” Felicity voiced once they were alone.

The question was one Oliver struggled with from the moment they crossed the Staring City line. ‘Welcome to Starling City’ the sign had read but what it should have said was ‘the honeymoon’s over.’ At least that was how Oliver felt.

He had spent five months sharing everything with Felicity. From meals to unknown habits, to the bed they slept in at night it had all been laid bare before each other. For better or worse they had been, figuratively, stuck with one another during their extended road trip, and they wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

Learning about the other person had been their favorite past time, twenty questions being their favorite car ride game. Those five months having marked a turning point in their relationship more than any date or catastrophe in Starling ever could. 

They weren’t running for their lives or afraid the next stop could mean their deaths. They were taking their time, enjoying waking up in each other’s arms and arguing about which radio station was to be played. Staying in bed all morning, loving each other and learning each other had been some of Oliver’s best mornings.  

They were bonded now.

And Oliver couldn’t imagine what he was supposed to do now they were back. Back to a reality which included vigilante heroes, bows and arrows, and living with his sister.

Thea had been happy to see her brother, and Felicity, and couldn’t wait to hear all about their trip – after they saved Diggle.

Once the mission had been completed with John home with Lyla and baby Sara, safe and sound, Thea pulled out a bottle of wine and demanded the couple sit and tell her all about their trip. She fully intended to hear all about it after she changed from the night’s activity.

As soon as the couple sat at the kitchen table, to wait for Thea, a silence fell over the room. Both Oliver and Felicity were tired – spent from the unusually active day – and wanted nothing more than to sleep. Road tripping was tiring but more the pleasurable, relaxing kind where both spent hours curled within the haven of the other’s arms far from reality.

In this reality, away from the endless line of motels and hotels, they had two separate beds in two separate locations. 

They both knew Felicity should be heading back to her forgotten town home and he should spend the night in his room of the loft. But now they were back and faced with the very real question of where they would be spending the night.

To some the answer to this would seem easy enough – spend the night together, just as they had been for the past five months. To them is was more difficult. It wasn’t just about where they would spend the night, it was also how.

Their first night back seemed to set an unwritten, unspoken tone they both felt. Where they spent that first night, be it together or apart, made a difference.

“We never talked about this,” Felicity mumbled as she stared down her untouched glass of wine. “All the things we talked about, and this never came up.”

Oliver sat back in his chair, as a feeling of unnerving dread began to crawl beneath his skin. It was silly they should be nervous about this. It was a simple decision, they stay together – the address made no difference.

But for some reason it did. Hotels and motels and sandy beaches weren’t permanent, and this was. At least to him it was, and he was sure if he learned anything about Felicity in the past five months, it was to her, too.

It also brought up in him a feeling of not wanting her to go. He didn’t want to ever be away from her, which he knew was drastic considering they both had to get up in the morning and go about their days as normal. 

She would probably want to go to Palmer Tech and see if there was anything she could help with as Ray was still unaccounted for after five months. He couldn’t exactly follow her around like a little lost puppy all day, every day.  

“I mean, you could just take me home,” Felicity interrupted his thoughts, clearly mistaking his silence. “You probably want to catch up with Thea some more, and we both know no one has been living in my apartment for five months, so I should try to clear out some of those cob webs.”

Oliver nodded as his stomach began to twist at the thought of being away from her for any real length of time. He didn’t even try to school his features either.  

“Seriously, Oliver,” Felicity’s voice, forceful as it was, caused him to pause. “We need some separation. Some distance.”

Now he was confused. Her voice was strong, he heard her words, but he also heard her pleading for him to agree with her. To tell her that ‘yes’ this was what they should do, otherwise they were going to have to be surgically removed from one another. 

“I mean, how are we expected to perform any basic, every day task if we can’t even spend the night apart?” 

While he was caught between knowing if her questions was rhetorical or not she stood from her chair and began to approach him.

He understood what she was doing, and inched his chair back so she could straddle his hips. It was a move she perfected over their five months together. Sitting on his lap seemed more preferable than any other chair or surface – not that Oliver objected.

“When we were gone, it was as if we were in this bubble,” she told him with a sated smile gracing her lips.

“But now we’re back.” He finished

Her slow nod was accompanied by a slight bite of her lip.

“So we’re not spending the night together?” He asked, still unsure of what they were supposed to do, or why they were having a hard time figuring it out.

Felicity let her forehead fall, just close enough that he could meet her with his lips. A soft, tender kiss to her forehead brought a smile back upon her face.

“Or,” she said in a shy tone.

Oliver’s own grin widened at her tone. “Or? I like or.”

“We could just stay here tonight,” she suggested, shrugging her shoulders as she did. “I am really tired. You know, jet lag and what not.”

“We drove.” He supplied, but understood her meaning.

“We can figure out the separation anxiety from hell later, right?” She chuckled and let her head fall to his chest, tucking herself beneath his chin.

“Definitely,” he told her as he cradled her in his arms and placed a soft kiss to the top of her head. “Later.”

Thank you for reading!

Why You Should Read: Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Your Heart Be Also.

okay so i just finished reading churchofyourcurves carmilla harry potter au and i honestly dont know why i just read this now

SO if you dont know what to read and you’re finding out reasons why you should read this amazingly good fanfic, here you go:

  • hollstein are best friends awww
  • fake dating! zeta society
  • Seeker! Lafontaine and Beater! Perry omg
  • quidditch captain! kirsch oh my
  • it has  52863 hits in AO3 holy 1698
  • TO ALL LAFERRY SHIPPERS: BE PREPARED FOR CHAPTER 39 OH MY GOD it hurt me in the best way possible
  • Scooby Gang shenanigans heck yea
  • honestly one of the best carmilla fics i’ve read
  • just….just watch out for drunk! danny.
  • bro, its a harry potter au
  • carmilla’s dad is just….oh my god :-( :)
  • carmilla and elsie are my brotp ok
  • also will is a lil dickshit asshole
  • “Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders.” LAURA U LIL SHIT
  • “I don’t know, I guess I just find it hard to believe that you could ever be someone’s second choice.” *pained animal sounds*
  • its an emotional rollercoaster
  • it has lots of angst and fluff
  • speaking of angst, some chapters will fuck u up man
  • and also speaking of fluff, some chapters will make you feel things i swear
  • its just
  • its really really good ok

To help my fellow lizzington shippers who follow me, to pass the time until september comes, Here goes my fave lizzington fics! If you didn’t read them yet, go for it!

Stargazer in progress, just found this fic today and I loved it! It’s an AU.Really sexy Red and cute lizzie.

Dream Walker AU ,my favorite fic *.* Red and Lizzie as soulmates! Really, you guys need to read it.

The Graveyard shift heyy.. Au again lol! But really its a MUST read together with Dream Walker. Ghost Red and agent Liz.Just go read it.

To dream of you a two chapter’s fic. after lizzie’s dream with Red.. You know.. That dream! Its short but really good. 

Dark Horse Rated M. Proceed with caution or you may combust!

Indelible Ink  A two part fic but you can find other two fics part of this fic universe. Really, a must read too!

Give and take Rated M. Guys, our Jess has awesome fics and this one is one of them! ;) Loved this one, really sexy fic. 

Wicked Game by the title I don’t need to tell you the rating to this fic, right? Don’t waste time and click on it.

Paper hearts A fic written By Jess… In response to one fic I wisshed to read but hadn’t the courage to write myself. Its a classic for me.

I have many others, but right now these ones are my fave. Really try all of them! You wont regret! Happy hiatus, lovelies!

Fixing things (part 1)

a/n: i came across some ideas for fics on my dash and this kind of happened.
lets just pretend Rae and Finn are in the same year at college (they’re both 17) and this takes place a month after rae gave finn his jacket back 😥 and Finn didn’t go to leeds - he stayed at college :)
So now that i’ve put it all in context i’ll let you read this thing. i don’t know what it is (i’m sorry)

Fixing things

Rae had just gotten home from college after walking back and went straight up to her room and flopped on her bed and opened her diary.
Dear diary,
College sucks. Well i knew that would be the case any way, but since losing Finn i’ve seem to have lost the gang too, which means lonely Rae. Mine and Liam’s ‘casual’ relationship never sprung into anything. In fact, it was me who broke everything off. I’ve realised that he isn’t good for me and i’m very glad i did. We are still friends - we hang round with each other at college and he isn’t bad company I suppose. He’s just a bit bold is all. Like the other day, the teacher started having a go at him because he lit a cigarette in class. He flipped out, threw a chair across the room and left. I guess everybody is different and deal with different things in different ways.
Today was alright. Nothing really happened just the usual. I wish I was still close to the rest of the gang. After me and Finn breaking up, nobody really talks to me. I’ve get a wave from Archie and izzy in college sometimes and chloe speaks to me quite a lot still which I’m really glad about. I have to try and ignore Finn in Biology though. He sits across the room on the desk by himself. We used to sit together but I moved after we broke up. I thought that he wouldn’t want to work with me any more and I guess I’m right because he didn’t do anything. Oh well. I’ll have to move on because he has! Yeah Miss 24 year old Olivia! She is beautiful though.
Love always, Rae.

Rae closed her diary and let out a large sigh. When her mum called her for dinner she went down stairs and ate, helped her mum with the dishes, walked back up stairs and went to sleep.

(The next morning)
Rae woke up by the sound of the alarm clock. She rolled out of bed and got ready for the day. She had double biology today (talk about dreading). She sighed at the thought and continued to get ready
“Rachel hurry up! You’ll be late!” Linda yelled up the stairs
“Alright alright, I’m coming now” Rae huffed as she plodded down the stairs.
After the short drive to college, she waved off her mum and walked into the gates.

She made her way into the science lab where she had her next lesson and sat down in her seat. The bell rang and everybody came in one by one. Rae didn’t miss the brown mop of hair pass through the door and plonk into his seat.
(Can he be anymore perfect? No. Stop. Get a hold of your self Rae. He doesn’t like you anymore) Rae thought to her self.
Biology seemed to go surprisingly quickly and before you Rae knew, everyone was packing up their stuff to leave.

“Make sure you remember to bring in your project tomorrow! You’ve had over 2 weeks to make them so I have high expectations of you all!” The teacher shouted over the class
Oh shit oh shit oh shit
That was the project that her and Finn were supposed to do together!! They had said that they would work on it together when they were still in a relationship! And they haven’t even done any!! FUCK! She would need to talk to Finn…
“Err… Finn” Rae asked as she walked behind him slowly as everyone else cleared out of the door. Finn spun his head around to view the girl who said his name.
“Uh..yeh?” Finn asked confused, he wondered why she was talking to him, but at the same time he was so glad she way - he had missed her.
“About this project that’s due in tomorrow…” Rae trailed off
“OH FUCK! Yeah we were supposed to do it together!” He laughed nervously
“Yeah..” She said, forgetting where to take the conversation. She was getting lost in his eyes.
“Well it’s due in tomorrow… And we’re going to get in shit if we don’t hand something in” Rae said
“Yeah I, do ha fancy coming over then? And we can yanno.. work on the project and stuff.” Finn asked, nervously scratching the back of his head
Rae hesitated for a bit before answering “Er, yeah sure. Yeah.”
“Cool, I’m going home now, that’s my only lesson today. Have you got another lesson or…?” Finn trailed off
“Oh, I’ve got english for an hour and a half and then I’m done for the day, should I come over then then?” Rae asked, swallowing slowly. (No way is this happening holy shit) she though to her self.
“Yeah, alrigh’ cool” Finn nodded
“See you then” Rae smiled
“See ya later Rae” Finn smiled small then turned down the hall. As soon as his eyes left hers, he was grinning ear to ear {Rae’s coming over. Maybe we can sort things} Finn thought to himself.

Part 2 will be out tomorrow :)

cortexiviky asked:

Hi! I would like to say I really like your blog! I see you are passionate about Owen and Amelia, too. Can you recommend me fanfics about these two beautiful people? :)

Thank you so much, that really is so sweet! :)

Well lucky for you, it seems that we’re right in the middle of an influx of fan fiction right now for Owelia, so I’m just gonna go ahead and list some personal favorites of mine!

1.) Absolute favorite of mine right now is: After by endgirl.  I have read this about 1000 times over, such a beautiful one shot.

2) indigowaterbears has just begun writing some lovely fics, most notably her Vanished story!  Here’s a link to her fanfic page to more of her stories:

3) i–knew wrote one of the hottest scenes of all time for these two in her story; Personal Earthquake . Still fanning myself from it ;)

4) shelizabethwriting was written endless fics for these guys, and is so awesome at answering her prompts.

If you go to this link:  its a collection of Owen / Amelia fics that others have written that you’ll enjoy!

A Very Lengthy Hetalia Fic Rec

So I’ve been reading hetalia fanfiction for upwards of four years now, and I thought I’d share some of my better finds with all of you lovely followers before I go on a June hiatus! Recs are under the cut!

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IR fics recommendation (weewoo angst alert)

This is for violetstwy (and everyone who would bother to read this and read the fics that I’ve recommended) asking some good IR fics, angst and/or fluff, (I say angst! haha) and I got a bit carried away. Just a bit.

Okay here goes:

Death in Bloom by appleschan (recommended this already but I can’t recommend it enough. actually, just go on and read all of her stories. most are still IP but they’re all pretty and poetic-angst and she’s sorta on a semi hiatus right now with all her stories except for entanglement theory but that shouldn’t stop you from reading. also prepare tissues. lots of it. cough bittersweet cough.)

at the end of all lines by tosca1390 (I love this I love this I love this. and Hisana, oh good god I really do love this. this is no surprise actually, all her stories are magniflorious; read them all. I also assume that all authors that write angsty IR are females.)

new ways to fall apart / glitter in the air / take care by empathapathique (new ways to fall apart is my forever favorite in the IR angst category and I will forever recommend it alongside Death in Bloom. really really good. glitter in the air and take care are really good for the angst-needy heart too. sadly, these are all her current works for bleach at the moment.)

left—handed lovers by the general girl (heartbreakers really. another seventeen months angst where tissues should be mandatory warning in the author’s note. also decided that angst and ichiruki fit perfectly like a glove.) 

edge of seventeen by hariboo (I’ve seen pre/post timeskip fics but never the ones that occur in between said timeskip. well now I have this. seventeen months now has a whole new meaning to me because of them. too precious for my wailing heart.)

Deathsong / Anabiosis by LoquaciousQuark (“I think it will always hold a corner in my heart, but its hold is smaller now than it was. It seems that it had to make way for—something else.”  hrnggh yes. that should be enough to convince you to read it. the author has little sketches at the end of each chapter of Deathsong on lj. x Anabiosis is my kind of reunion/post-timeskip fic. sad note: this two are her only IR fics. author also draws beautiful fanarts. x)

When the Sun Comes Up, You Better Be Moving by hecatehatesthat (5 chapters with August of 2007 as the last update date. pure tortureand you will hate that you love it because: “In a universe where Ichigo is able to defeat the soul reapers that come to retrieve Rukia; the two then go on the run before they can be caught by the reapers that are sure to be after them. The odds are certainly against them, and the author succeeds in making the reader feel the desperate nature of the situation at all times. In canon, Ichigo drops everything in order to go save Rukia and it’s very interesting to read as Rukia mirrors his actions in this AU.” although secretly I just want someone to feel my pain. EDIT: good fukinI don’t why I never bothered checking if this story was on AO3 until now and holy hell! there might be hope of an update since it was reposted last April of 2010! help me breathe guys.)

bought me a holy war by fated_addiction ( “All habits, you know.” current arc IR fic that makes me go ugh in a good way. if you don’t take my word for it, this story is tosca1390 approved.)

Velveteen Rabbits and Studded Belts by zephyras13 (underage!Ichigo and hot-single-mom!Rukia. I thought I wasn’t going to like it with the whole mom thing, but oh how wrong I was. loved it to bits. ehem Kito. )

The Motions by O f f beat (angsty road up ahead. and if it’s any consolation, this is pretty much jossed in present bleachverse. still, it’s worth the read in exchange for some barbed wires hooked to your heart if you’re into that stuff.)

the all seeing sun ne’er saw her match since first the world begun by the milliner’s rook (also hitsukarin but a great read nonetheless. romance/tragedy if you’re up for it. reality is a pessimistic bitch to these pairings.)

Locum / Wake / Eponym by JustGrace13 (the author loves a miserable Ichigo; sometimes a miserable Rukia. tissues I tell you! author also has fluff for when your heart needs some mending.)

Thre you go! Whew. There are a lot of good IR stories out there and it is up to you really, on what a good IR fic is. Some don’t like angst, some don’t like fluff, some don’t like AU etc. As for me, any will do. Oneshot, Chapter fic. drabbles, AU, nonAU/Canon compliant, future fic, crack fic, as long as IchiRuki is happening. The links above are just the ones that punches with a brass knuckle to my heart where room is made for angst and heartbreak and a bucket of tears to stay. I may have forgotten to mention some notable ones because I have already read a lot of oneshots and chapter fics. You can just also check out the favorite stories/authors of your favorite authors! Honestly, I just discovered some of my favorites through the ones added by authors to their favorites list. Hope I fed your hungry IchiRuki soul!

anonymous asked:

hi! don't know if you've gotten this before, but would you recommend me good oq fics, like the hidden gems, the ones there's no much buzzing around?? i miss e&m btw! are you planning on continuing it?

I would LOVE to.

I’m not sure how many hidden gems I know of though.  I think possibly some of the first fic’s I read (quite awhile ago now) have gotten swept up by all the new OQ fic out there.  Stories like ‘Boy’ and ‘How The Mighty Have Fallen’ and ‘A Sliver of Hope’ (Those got me started on OQ fanfic and HOOKED!)

If you want some smut ‘Fated Love’ and ‘Just Let Go’ were WOWZA *fans self*

I did an OQ fic rec Masterpost a long time ago, and haven’t kept it properly updated, but all of the above are on it along with many of my favorite OQ authors and some of their works.

There is also ‘Unless I Can’t Resist’ by wickedshenanigans

I really enjoyed ‘Misrule’ by black-throatedblue

And Unspoken parts 1, 23 by shinyredcape

Oh, and ‘Pulse Points’ by lala-kate

Those are a few I can think of off the top of my head that I don’t think have had much exposure lately.  My advice would be to identify some of your favorite authors and then go check out their ff pages/blogs to see if they have some old stories written you haven’t read.  There are so many talented authors in the fandom and only more continue to pop up.  I can’t keep up unfortunately :(

Don’t worry.  I’ll be finishing E&M.  I know it has been awhile since a normal update rather than a prompt one-shot.  May has been a busy month for me with deadlines and time constraints, but the summer should bring some relief and some time to finish that up (It’s almost done!)

Then I’ll be focusing on Beneath The Dirt and Doctor.

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There's this fic I read a long time ago, where Derek tells Stiles "the morning after" that it was a mistake to protect him or whatever, so cue heartbroken leaving to go live with Jackson (pregnant, might I add) and he has a daughter named Luna Grace after the character in Isaac's book and the pack all think he's dead but eventually he reunites with the pack and fluff ensues. Do you know what that fic is called?

Hey-O Anon!

I think I found your fic (and now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go read it)!!!!

Over the Moon by i_kinda_like_writing

32,814  I  MPreg, Kid Fic, Stiles Leaves Beacon Hills

General Audiences

Stiles and Derek spend a night together, and Derek, thinking he’s protecting Stiles, tells him it was a mistake.
Stiles leaves Beacon Hills. He also leaves behind 6 letters to say goodbye to the pack.
From his letters, the pack thinks he’s killed himself.
Meanwhile, Stiles is in NYC, living with Jackson, going to Columbia, oh, and he’s pregnant.

Hope you enjoy!

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf


Based off a single-parent AU prompt from Tumblr: “you crouched down to coo at my baby but i forgot to tell you their favorite thing to do is to play with people’s hair and now they won’t let go of you”

Read it on Ao3 here!

When David Washington thought of Lavernius Tucker, “responsibility” never crossed his mind. Wash knew Tucker only through the anecdotes told by his friends, as a partier, a drinker, and an all-around bad influence. Church complained endlessly about the man’s lack of manners and etiquette (or, in Church’s words, “being a blistering dickwad”). Carolina responded to the mere mention of Tucker’s name with a snort of air through her nose and a shake of the head. The most responsible thing he’d heard Tucker do had been recounted to him by Grif, when Lavernius had driven an intoxicated Kaikaina home after a graduation party gone awry. This hardly counted in Wash’s eyes, however, since Tucker himself had been drinking, and the two ended up having sex upon arrival at the Grif residence. Therefore, upon meeting the infamous Tucker at the Director’s Memorial Day picnic, Wash found himself in total disbelief.

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