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Bonding with my brother-in-law has more than once resulted in a new automotive repair skill.


So I have been tagged by the beautiful deja-roo (thank you so much bby ❤️) for the selfie thing.

It’s actually the first time i’m doing this so it’s also the first time for you beauties to see my face (yeah…. ah idk why i chose the second one but…yeah idek 😆💦)

I HAVE TO TAG 20 PEOPLES!!!! Well then i’m gonna tag all those beautiful peoples: pingkeujin applejimin your-local-hug-dealer cowjimin hobiwan-kenobi cat-booty j-uliana itscherrypies bts koreantwinks catherine-got-no-jams fraancloud yoongimp3 eponinerin setsukas strawberrybubbletae romantization peaceyeol Well you’re not forced to do it lovelies it’s as you want but I really would like to see all your beautiful faces ~~

jordan looking very meow

This is how hungry I am:

I can hear a co-worker two desks over eating an apple, and I want to hurdle the cubicle walls, rip it out of her hands, and eat it like Chris Kattan’s Mr. Peepers SNL character (except I’m cuter than that).

morethanmostwords asked:

eggsy is the dreamy lead singer of a popular boy and , and harry is the uncle that was dragged there by his niece/ nephew . ( I think I read it some but I cant remember where ) but juST IMAGINE + have a nice day . xx ~a.ju ♡

(I read this half asleep and I thought you meant Harry was Eggsy’s uncle which is a whole other AU that’s more inline with the comics and 100% more fucked up and yet quite lovely on it’s own and may already be an AU thing I’ve been working on for awhile because that’s the kind of person I am)

Harry going on an assignment that coincides with one of Eggsy’s concerts (and it’s totally a coincidence and not because Harry is secretly a giant fan and Merlin might know this because there are no secrets in Kingsman goddamnit)

And maybe Harry saves Eggsy’s life and Eggsy is so goddamn impressed and wooed by this he drops his pants right there and Harry’s only a man and yes he might be the perfect assassin and gentleman with his control under a goddamn steel vice but you don’t say ‘no’ to Eggsy’s ass and then there’s cuddling and something like love at first kiss and maybe a lot of Harry’s missions end up aligning with Eggsy’s tours and then maybe their secret affair gets out and Harry’s position as a Kingsman is compromised and Eggsy is one famous mofo and whoever snags that grade-A piece of meat is going to have his face plastered everywhere and suddenly Harry might not be the most secret secret-agent anymore and he has to choose between Eggsy and his job and he says fuck that shit and he kisses Eggsy and then there’s a sunset and they live happily ever after and Merlin becomes the godfather to their babies and their babies are actually JB’s and Mr. Pickles’ puppies because Mr. Goddamn Pickles is a girl–


what an absolute tune.


Artist Spotlight #25 goes to the hilarious and heartwarming Hannah Krieger  (hkrieg)! Hannah is a cartoonist and illustrator who lives in North Carolina. She loves ridiculous animals and orange muscle dudes, both of which feature prominently in the archives of her webcomic, Camodad

  • Ladies of Literature: Volume 2 Character: Ramona Quimby from Beverly Cleary’s Ramona series
  • Favorite childhood book: “The Guardians of Ga'Hoole series by Kathryn Lasky. I can’t pick one; they all have owls. Also, in these books “wet pooper” is a very scandalous curse word. Owl lore and poop words: A++ series.”
  • Favorite work song: “Whatever pop song is overplayed right now; that’s my jam. I think my top two currently are ‘Heartbeat Song’ by Kelly Clarkson and ‘Sledgehammer’ by Fifth Harmony.”
  • Fictional character you feel on a spiritual level: “Jade from Homestuck… she’s genuine and silly, and excited about everything, and her grandpa is just like my dad! We’re the same.”
  • What are you working on right now: “No exciting art projects currently; I’ve put my webcomic on pause, and I’m assisting my mom with her tailoring business while picking at personal work on the side. I have also recently acquired a cat, and am trying to get him to love me.”

Hannah’s piece is so ridiculously charming that ya’ll need to treat yo’self to see it! Back the LADIES OF LITERATURE: VOLUME 2 Kickstarter (!

RivaMika: Virus

My contribution to the RivaMika Jam. This was very fun to do–I loved adding my own twist to the prompt I was given. I wrote something a little bit different than what was expected, I’m sure, but hopefully it’s still worth a read. This is the first time I’ve ever made an attempt at writing something even remotely sci-fi. Please be gentle… Also, thanks to my beta! You’re awesome and I love you to bits. 


When he entered the small waiting room, he was cursing to himself, and he continued to do so for the twenty minutes until her first appointment ended. Mikasa knew this because the secretary told her in hushed tones that they had a scary patient with a sharp tongue. While Mikasa pitied the young girl that manned the front desk, she was not concerned; a bad attitude was nothing she couldn’t handle.

He still seemed impatient when she ushered him into her office, and at last she got a good look at him. Was he wearing real denim?

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Commonly used phases in my band.

“Do it, again.” 

“I don’t wanna know”

*Drum major starts counting off and then is told to stop* “jk guys jk!”

“Drumline slow down!”

“Trumpets stop talking!” 

“Do you have a whole reed?” 

“Let’s get turnt”

“Pump up the jams”

“Zip me!” 

*my, now ex, boyfriend needs his dinkles off the girls bus* “Someone give him these, I don’t have pants on.” Them “Here, Kim doesn’t have pants on” 

“It never hurts to take your instruments home, No you can’t take a tympani, Noah.” 

“Cheese fries”


“The state that shall not be named”