Please allow my acceptance to exceed my expectations just for today. Expectations are resentments waiting to happen. I expect the adventure of it all! Don’t cage me and I won’t cage you, Thought I would share my many many many post its. #NoExpectations I think I am back to the basics of driving it in, especially when I wake up covered in them! @hillaryfayth No … Just kidding. No no ..I am not. I am not kidding. 👏😘😂👍💕👌 #creativeinsight #novictim #acceptance #nohostages #lifeonlifesterms #letgo #liveandletlive #freedom @hillaryfayth


“Where are you born?”

“Where are you from as in whats your background?”

“There’s no reason for you to dress like your trying to out dress people”

“You people” 

“You don’t have to go through the front you can go out the back”

 These statements from the interview I had this past week keep replaying in my mind. I have to thank God because when I was sitting across from this ignorant employer I kept smiling and nodding. Once upon a time I would’ve let him have it BUT in doing so where would that have gotten me? Kicked out the program and not only that but I would’ve been lowering myself to his level. I made a decision not long ago to stop being the victim in situations; instead I decided to be the victor. I refuse to allow one ignorant person affect my decision when it comes to applying for jobs or who I chose to date because in allowing them to do so I’m only limiting myself. Yes, I am a black woman but that doesn’t mean that I have to follow the stereotypes or only date black guys. I am a black woman who choses to go above and beyond proving that I am no different. I refuse to be limited by people who are small minded. In saying all this it doesn’t mean that I’m not upset..but I am instead of sulking about it I’m choosing to use it as fuel driving me further in life. 

"In my mind no I never let it get to me. Everybody got a time will it get to me. V’s up thats victory” - Logic