The Ages of Fashion

This week we’re discussing the ages of fashion and the trends that have come and gone and certainly the ones that have returned. 

Our intern, Jade’s favourite era was the 1920s to the 40s. Now this was a pivotal point in fashion as ladies were beginning to ditch the uncomfortable, restricting fashions such as corsets and petty coats and started wearing more comfortable, wearable daily attire. Men also swapped their style for a more athletic look.  
More and more different fabrics were being produced including new fabrics such as rayon a substitute for silk which was used for stockings and under garments. During the early 20s, buttons, zippers, and hooks were utilized for fastening clothing. 
Fashion back then for the first time became androgynous with women cutting their hair short in contrast to their knee length dresses- very short at the time! 
There was one women who changed fashion back then and she was the first to wear trousers, throw away her corset and cut her hair short, maybe you’ve heard of her? Her name was Coco Chanel.

Now my favourite era was the 1950s to the 60s. In the UK in the 1950s (the post war period) created the first truly independent fashions for young people such as Teddy Boys similar to the Greasers in the US. They wore skinny ties, short tight trousers that showed off their socks. As for the ladies, they wore circle skirts some famously known as poodle skirts- which Kanchan Couture recreated and named the Underjupe. 
The youths of the 40s usually took after their parents style but as the 50s approached, a more rebellious style emerged.  
The 60s featured a mod trend which supermodel Twiggy inspired with the trademark big eyes, skinny figure and baggy dresses. The bohemian trend was also a huge trend which spiraled from the anti car protests against the invasion of Vietnam.  

Kanch’s favourite era was the 80s which took a very different turn in fashion. Punk and rock and roll really inspired fashion and brought on a totally different style for men and women. Rebellious fashion now had a totally new meaning, fashion was more risky and women were wearing less clothes which was ripped and adorned with pins, studs and skulls which was often worn with the iconic leather jacket. Madonna was a very influential during this time and inspired a lot of trends that would be remembered and reappear for years to come. 

I know we’ll being seeing these past trends repeated for years and I think that its safe to say that fashion never fades!

Love, Petra

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Dress up Banter

P: What would you consider your dress style, Kanch?

K:  Can tell you that I don’t really like long flowy satin numbers to start with, its not my style. This summer am really into mid length flowing jersey dresses in all shades of blue. And you P?

P:  I would say that I have 2 styles, the classic, timeless, simple style and then the fun, more edgy side, both for different occasions of course.
Who are some of your favorite dress designers?

K: Amanda Wakely’s dresses are among my favorite – nice fabrics and simple style but always with a touch of royal – ness.

P: I would say Versace always creates a beautiful feminine sexy dress and Marchesa and Elie Saab for their romantic ethereal dresses.  
What sort of dress would you wear to an event from our collections?

K:  The blue silk low V-neck dress – it’s a great option for those of us who are not into strapless but want to show a bit of neckline. Also the ruching around the waistline is flattering and the great length for the summer.

P: Why?

K: – It’s a great option for those of us who are not into strapless but want to show a bit of neckline. Also the ruching around the waistline is flattering and the great length for the summer.

P: I’d wear the Velvet Cocktail dress because its simple and elegant but its got great velvet detailing so it’s not boring. 

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