Velvet Goldmine

Brian Slade, with Curt Wild on guitar - “Baby’s On Fire”

During his Maxwell Demon era, Brain performed with a band called the Venus in Furs, after the Velvet Underground song (which itself was named after a novella).  The real musicians who played the band member on the soundtrack include Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood (again) and Roxy Music’s Andy Mackay.  Along with the original songs written for the movie, the Venus in Furs’ repertoire includes Brian Eno’s “Baby’s On Fire” and a bunch of tracks originally by Roxy Music.

All the Roxy Music tracks were rerecorded for the movie, though Todd Haynes also decided to put an original Roxy Music track on the soundtrack (like I said, he was ballsy!) as if it was another Maxwell Demon song.  Any potential problems inherent to playing an original recording next the the covers for the movie were solved by Thom Yorke, whose vocal performance closely mimics Roxy Music lead vocalist Bryan Ferry’s.  

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who played the hell out of Brian Slade, recorded vocals for both “Baby on Fire” and Cockney Rebel song “Tumbling Down,” but his audio tracks were overdubbed with vocal tracks from Yorke.  I presume this is to make sure all the Maxwell Demon songs sound like they were sung by the same vocalist, rather than some comment on Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ vocal performance.  Ewan McGregor sang lead on the track “T.V. Eye,” a Stooges cover by Curt’s fake band the Wild Ratz.

Brian Slade and Curt Wild’s performance of “Baby’s On Fire” is also a cover of sorts, based on David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Tour stage antics where Bowie simulated oral sex upon his guitarist Mick Ronson’s instrument.  Brian and Curt’s version is super hot right?  Perhaps the sizzliest on-screen moment in a film that does feature some full on sex scenes including, infamously, one between Ewan McGregor and Christian Bale.  The “Baby’s On Fire” sequence includes not just the hottest but some of the most devastating moments in Velvet Goldmine.  Sex creates (art) but it also destroys (families).  Sex is redemptive, sometimes, and deeply painful at others. 

Velvet Goldmine isn’t an easy allegory and it offers no clear answers to the questions that it asks.  Everything that makes things grow can also make them wither.  Nothing lasts forever, not love, not companionship.  Romantic rivals, betrayed by the same lover, later embrace as friends.  Nothing gold can stay.

I wish I could get my points across without writing a fucking novella, but my brain says “Sorry, I don’t do concision”.

anonymous asked:

hi!! so i really admire your blog!! like... a lot hahha and i've been actually thinking about making a rose rp blog! but uh, heres the catch, um I have no idea how to run a rp blog, that includes the little icons you use, making theme designs, and what the heckie are verse s??????? like do you maybe have any tips so i can start a rp blog?? if you do, thank you so much ;w;!!

First I should say, glad you want to start roleplaying on tumblr! Its different than some other sites since well, theres a lot of creativity that CAN be involved. So let me make this clear first

Theres two type of roleplayers on tumblr. 

  1. Those that use the special icons and themes and stuff, like me! 
  2. And those that dont. They use plain themes and dont use icons most of the time 

Theres no REAL difference from these two types other than aesthetically. Both can do novella ( like long roleplay dialogues like a novel) or short lines like a movie dialogue. That really doesn’t matter. Some people who put the extra work and time into making customizable themes and take icons to represent their character are no better roleplayers than those that do. They do however, put a lot of work in their blog to make it look nice because they like it ! Its their blog and as long as they put hard work, its appreciable! 

The people who don’t use more complex or self made themes and icons usually rp just for rping sake. Theres not much aestheticism and that’s not bad, since that lets them focus on role playing more than fussing over what a good theme is and being judged about their themes. 

Now ill get more detailed

So the themes you see here and around my kind are called container themes. They aren’t endless scrolling ones and usually are in a little box. We prefer it that way because we can make it like a little design around it. We usually use sites like 

  1. Hollywhood 
  2. Octomoosey

And put a container theme code in it. Search this up in google if you have trouble. Making these contained themes requires some knowledge of html, so I say start off small and discovering what goes under <body> and the css in tumblrs theme editor 

But don’t worry, theres tons of already made for you roleplay themes! 

theme-hunter  is a good one !

Icons like 

Are just normal 100x100 screenshot crops of fanart or from the show. Then you can use online editors like picmonkey or photoshop to style them up. A lot of icons I use for example,  use a texture. You can google texture packs and just put them on top, making opacity low so it looks like the art has texture now! 100 x 100 isn’t the only size BUT usually its good because it blends well with tumblr dashboards ! 

Now about roleplaying itself there might be some terms you want to know ! 

For Post replies and etc - A tip I could say is even though people say ‘Oh its okay you don’t need to match my dialogue’, don’t ever reply with one or two words, unless its special like “WHAT?!” like that. One or two words is very hard to carry on conversations in real life so even harder in roleplaying ! 

  • Novella - It means roleplaying in long pieces of dialogue and narrative, like a novel ! This usually means long paragraphs and not just one line. 
  • Multi-para/ Para - Just means like a paragraph response or multiple. Usually around 3-5? Its noticeably less than novella. 
  • Script - Usually just talking. Like imagine two people in a cafe. They don’t move much so you dont have to keep writing ‘and then alison moved her hand to the OTHER side of the table as she talked’. 

About role play blogs in general 

  • Mutuals - This is an important term. Usually people only roleplay if theyre following you and you follow them! Its just to keep things in like. If you have 200 followers, there might just be only 10 you want to roleplay, if the rest are personals for example. 
  • Selective- That means they won’t follow back everyone that follows them. People will see if your blog is okay/safe ( some rping blogs are triggering, like say Zuko for people with fire-phobia) 
  • Semi-selective - Its a hit or miss basically. 
  • Private- This usually means people wont follow back unless they know you personally or they follow you first. 

About Canons/Continuity

  • Threads - So a thread is basically roleplaying and using the reblog feature to write what your character would do/say in response. Some people handle 100′s of threads while others can only do like 5. Don’t be dissapointed if you cannot thread with your favorite rper cause theres always something you don’t know about their life or their situation that means they’re too busy to take more! 
  • Continuity- Basically, what happens to their roleplaying character, happens for all people. Miguel broke his leg with Sara? Well then Mike can patch it up in another thread! 
  •  Verses - This is basically just the multi-verse theory to your character. Like what is Rose was in Marvel? That would be a multi-verse and I’d call it the marvel verse. I’d apply Rose, either her origin or her personality, to that setting, and see how it works
  • Magic Anons - Basically just little changes or big changes for your character ! Like what if they had three arms ! Or seven. Whatever, its up to the anons. Some blogs say if they accept these, or if they don’t. 

I think thats it! If someone has anything to add go ahead but I think that would be a general guide to roleplaying on tumblr! Have fun and don’t break yourself if you cannot do your own themes/icons. 

Roleplaying is about FUN! Just have fun with whoever you’re with. You’ll always find people to roleplay with. Always. 

Feel free to reblog this for your other friends or anyone else too! 

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it’s been a really busy two weeks in florence @_@ (all of these were great but the bargello, uffizi, santa croce, santa maria novella and san miniato were my faves, super super recommended)

haha that post I just reblogged says that carmilla is a novella about a lesbian vampire that came out in 1872, but I misread it and i thought the op meant that carmilla came out (as in from the closet) in 1872 and it’s making me laugh just picturing that

Zombicorn by John Green

Find it here

“I came to the conclusion a while ago that there is nothing romantic or supernatural about loving someone: Love is the privilege of being responsible for another. It was, for a time, what kept me going: Each morning, for a little while, I got to feel the weight of the yoke on my back as I pulled the ancient cart of my species.”

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote

For more novella-length reading on women confounding society, try these…

Daisy Miller by Henry James for a story of a young woman’s vibrant curiosity and how it makes the fancy-pants set uneasy

The Lover by Marguerite Duras for an intense story of an audacious and scandalous love affair set in 1930s colonial Southeast Asia

The Awakening by Kate Chopin for a bold and harrowing story of a woman’s dissatisfaction with her place in early 20th century New Orleans

Lucinella by Lore Segal for a funny account of a young writer at a writer’s retreat and the endearing (and ridiculous) characters she encounters

This post was guest edited by Deena Drewis, Founder & Editor of Nouvella, an independent publisher dedicated to novellas.

The Return of the Novella, the Original #Longread

Publishers like short stories, and they love novels. But when a writer submits a mid-length work that falls somewhere between two genres, booksellers balk and editors narrow their eyes. This is the domain of the novella, an unfairly neglected literary art form that’s been practiced for centuries by celebrated writers—from Charles Dickens to Jane Smiley to Alain Mabanckou—yet faces an ongoing struggle for commercial viability. “For me, the word denotes a lesser genre,” literary agent Karolina Sutton told The Guardian in 2011. “If you pitch a book to a bookseller as a novel, you’re likely to get more orders than if you call it a novella.”

Mid-length works suffer from a koan-like criticism: They’re too short and they’re also too long. Novellas hog too much space to appear in magazines and literary journals, but they’re usually too slight to release as books. If a reader’s going to spend 16 bucks, the notion goes, he wants to take home a Franzen-size tome—not a slim volume he can slip in a jacket pocket. […]

Now the beleaguered genre, at long last, has found a worthy and consistent champion: Melville House Publishing, whose “Art of the Novella” series is an ongoing celebration of the form. The Brooklyn-based press offers 47—and counting—novellas from writers like Cervantes, Jane Austen, Anton Chekhov, Joseph Conrad, Mark Twain, and Virginia Woolf. Specifically drawing attention to the novella’s brevity, diversity, and lineage of distinguished practitioners, the series is the first of its kind.

Each sleek, modernist edition comes suited in a monochrome cover with French flaps. There are no blurb quotes, no graphics or illustrations. Just the author’s name, the title, and on the back, a pull quote. At nine dollars each, they’re a steal.

Read more. [Image: Melville House]

Announcing THREE United States of Asgard novellas!

GOLD RUNNER, a Novella of Godlings, Theft, and Teenaged Gods: Amon Thorson doesn’t hate his father, Thor the god of thunder, but he did try to kill him once. Not that Thor seemed to notice—all he did to punish Amon was break his arm and send him off to lick his wounds. Ever since, Amon has done everything he can to stay on his dad’s bad side, from disrespectful language and terrible public interviews, to dealing illegal substances and black-market artifacts. The best—or worst—of which is transporting elf gold. For gold made by elfish magic ruins people. It addicts them and tempts them to do terrible things to themselves and others, and with this venture, Amon may be stirring up more trouble than he can handle. 

When Amon picks up a strange girl with too many secrets and somebody steals Loki’s Mask of Changing, Amon finally gets his father’s attention. He’s marked as the prime suspect in the theft and one of Thor’s best hunters is put on Amon’s tail, a hunter who won’t stop until he’s nailed Amon for something. 

And to complicate matters, Amon might be falling in love with a monster.


LADY BERSERK, a Novella of Dragons, Trickster Gods, and Reality TV: Vider Bearskin used to be in love with Loki, the Norse god of mischief and orphans. And Loki loved her, too, or that’s what she believed, until the day she called his name and he did not come, not even to save the lives of her mother and baby sister. So when Vider helps rescue Baldur the Beautiful and the Alfather offers her a boon, she asks to be made into his first female berserker warrior in generations. 

Now she doesn’t need Loki. She doesn’t need any god, because Vider has power inside herself and she knows how to use it. 

When she’s asked to be one of six celebrity dragon slayers in a televised dragon hunt on the Kansa Prairie, Vider never considers declining—even if Loki is also invited. 

But Loki seems determined to insert himself into Vider’s life once again and she quickly realizes not all is as it seems. There’s more than one dragon for Vider to battle: the ancient creatures sleeping under the hills, the tempting god of tricks, and the dragon inside her own heart. 


GLORY’S TEETH, a Novella of Hungry Girls and the End of the World: Glory is the Fenris Wolf, bound for hundreds of years in the shape of a small human girl so she can never grow large enough to devour Baldur the Beautiful, god of light. Imprisoned with her hunger, Glory may not be able to swallow the sun whole, but she can hunt Baldur down, rip out his heart with her hands, and eat him a piece at a time. 

Glory tries to deny her desire because she knows when she does eat Baldur it will signal the end of the world. But would that really be such a bad thing? These days the United States of Asgard seems too decadent, too media-saturated, and too greedy. It is rotting from within and maybe it should burn. Maybe now is the time, and her hunger is growing for a reason. 

Only two people stand in her way: Soren Bearstar, devoted to Baldur and a strong berserker warrior, and Tyr the Just, god of balance and shadows. Glory loves both of them, but when a girl finally embraces her destiny, is any love enough to keep the sun in the sky? 


I’m so delighted to share these with you: one of which I wrote on accident, then decided three was a better number than only one! They release on November 17th!


There will be a compilation of all three with its own fancy cover available electronically and printed, as well as print versions of all three novellas. More information on that next week. 

*gorgeous cover art by the incomparable Saundra Mitchell. Cannot recommend her services highly enough.

My TBR pile that I need to get started on. I’ve had a slow past weeks but I’m ready to get back into things.

I have already read Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin will be a reread.