Why are so many heroines in literature these days written as so petulant?? (Yes I know there are exceptions.) Seriously, I have a hard time getting behind a character who acts childish and entitled about their childish opinion…. I hope that in the conflict I write that I don’t sacrifice the whole feeling of my character’s integrity……

Writing update!

I’ve gotten plugged into a Camp NaNoWriMo “cabin” and all that, and while it’s a quiet group, it’s nice to think that I could be making new long-term writing pals.

I’ve written 20,000 words of this novel since the beginning of this month, which puts me 2/3rds of the way to my goal of 30,000 by April 30. I’ve written very nearly every day; I think the only day I didn’t write anything at all was earlier this week, when I got SWAMPED with work. But I made up for it!

I also have ~6,000 or so words written of the story that initially sparked this whole thing, which I’m now envisioning as a sequel to the novel mentioned above. I’m putting the sequel on the back burner until I can at least more fully flesh out the universe/rules/characters in the first book, of course.

I guess the moral of the story is please don’t give up. This is the fourth (well, fifth, if you count the sequel I started first) novel I’ve ever gotten seriously underway. I intend for it to be the first one I actually finish. I figured I couldn’t make time with the unpredictable and exhausting job I have, but set a goal and keep writing consistently! I can swing 1,000 words a day pretty consistently right now, but maybe for you, that number is 250 each weekday and 1,000 over each weekend! Write every day you possibly can! Be disciplined! Write what you like, not what you think will sell or is cool, because then you’ll get bored! And don’t be afraid to step away from a project and work on something new if you really need to!