Cover art for the next EqG novel, along with the accompanying doll (already out) and her GIANT FUCKING BUTTERFLY WINGS!!! Which, since the back of the packaging implies this is her Rainbooms outfit, I find really out of place because she takes up the entire stage with those damn things! And I thought the film established that, you know, the Rainbooms work because they’re a group of peers, not a bunch of individual egos trying to dominate the stage.

Still, though, it feels good that Sunset is getting a focus novel. I wonder if there will be a short tied to it, or just the novel? And will the novel be the lead-in to another series of shorts and the third movie? I guess we’ll find out May 5th.

Also, doesn’t that crown look like something? Maybe something Sunset wanted in an earlier film? Hmm?

Her sense of humor had drawn him in first. Then her sweetness. She had a kind heart, loved children, and felt music in her soul like he did. They could talk for hours without running out of anything to say – something he hadn’t found with most other women.
—  Leia Shaw, Boy Meets Nerd