Nirvana playing “Lithium” at the VMAs in 1992.

Or, as I like to call it:  HI AXL!!!!!

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nirvana.  they were one of those bands that you either loved or…loved.  Bleach was raw, unapologetic and beat-you-in-the-face hard.  rock.  Nevermind was angsty, attainable and beautifully melodic…at times.

for me, in utero was the most substantial of the Nirvana records.  the songs have depth…not that other Nirvana releases don’t have songs with depth…but…yeah.  you all certainly remember the kick-off of the record, the drums, the anticipation, the guitars and the moans.  heart-shaped box.  rape me.  polly.  pennyroyal tea.  it was so good.

the wonderful wonderfuls over at DGC are putting out an oh so pretty 20th anniversary edition of this masterpiece due out in September.  i’m sure the remasters, extra tunes and (hopefully) beautiful vinyl version will be more than worth it.  i just wish there was some way that Kurt could come back and those three could tour.  damn.

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