It’s Kurt Cobain’s birthday today, he would be 47.
Kurt, I cannot put into words how much you inspire me every day, how much I love you. It kills me to know that I was not alive when you were, your music digs so deep inside of me and I feel a magnetic pull towards it, it drops inside of my soul and stays there for a long time after the songs are finished. I may not truly understand what the intent of your lyrics are, and I might not ever figure it out, but I’ve interpreted it in my own way, and when I listen to Heart-shaped box and Dumb and Lithium and any other song Nirvana put out I feel less alone. and some songs that I can relate to from other artists leave me feeling hopeless, but yours do the opposite. I feel inspired, like I can take on the world. I remember listening to Nirvana for the first time, I was 5 or 6, and I was in the car with my dad, even at a young age, I felt so connected and close to it. I watch your interviews like, every other day, and dear god, you were such a beautiful, inspirational, thoughtful, funny man.
Thank you.


Nirvana playing “Lithium” at the VMAs in 1992.

Or, as I like to call it:  HI AXL!!!!!