Lukey made himself scarce, but Martine was busy with her sisters and their sorority sister, Nova Stacks, who was there with her brother. It was turning into quite the fraternal occasion. But being surrounded by support and friendship was not doing much for Nova today. First her pocket got picked, and then Alta Mira appeared on the scene.

No one knows why Alta Mira and Nova hate each other. They probably couldn’t articulate it accurately themselves (though Alta Mira thinks she can).

Martine keeps a low profile herself, but she’s taking notes, and is beginning to realize just how formidable a rival she’s setting up to take on.

Supernova Remnant N49

This beautiful structure is the result of a violent stellar explosion. Some small portions of this Nova are so energized that they are expanding outward at 5 million miles an hour! Astrophysicists theorize that pockets of matter are able to reach this speed because of the extremely powerful magnetic fields generated by a central Neutron Star. 

Credit: NASA/Chandra Space Observatory