August 21st - There is only One Direction to get to the International Space Station: up. Today, Niall Horan of the band One Direction visited NASA’s Johnson Space Center. He had a chance to see the Mission Control Center, hang out with some astronauts in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, shake Robonaut’s hand and check out the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.

anonymous said:

Not only has Harry performed multiple shows when he has been really ill, but he has also sat for interviews. I remember he looked quite ill during that 60 mins Australia interview. Can't use the sick excuse when you have not allowed him to use it before, Modest.

They basically gave a 20 year old a time-out because he was acting up. That’s what they did. How ridiculous is that?!

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Real Madrid Players - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I’ll update this list as need be but these are the links for all the (former & current) Real Madrid players who have participated in the challenge. 

Current Players

Former Players