Our latest post is an introduction to Rachel Schwartzmann. She is a 18 year old fashion prodigy living in NYC. We had an interview with her yesterday so that you could all get to know her a little bit better. Rachel is a talented writer and blogger. Keep checking back because Rachel is going to write an article for our site about creativity and youth. Thanks Rachel!


Yann Faucher

Yann Facuher was born in France, but resides in London. His photography style ranges from creative fine-art, to editorial fashion. No matter what Yann is documenting with his camera, he always finds a unique way to make it his own.

When GRANTA interviewed Yann, in 2010, they asked him if there was a difference between shooting nude versus clothed models. Yann replied, ”Photography is all about a specific moment whether the bodies are covered or not. Both reveal unique details and aspects of our society.”

I am inspired by the colors that Yann includes in his images. Even in Yann’s black & white work there is a great range of tones that make it very personal, and intimate.