Video from our first show the other night, let me know what you think! The songs called ‘these days’ we’ll be releasing it soon!! Was a lot of fun!!


So, I met Frank Iero at a signing in Nottingham today and I’ve had lots of MCR feels and lots of cellabration feels but I’ve not had a lot of FRANK feels (besides the obvious “wow he’s so small and precious, what an angel” feels that come from knowing he exists), but I sure have them now.

I’m always kinda worried that I’ll meet famous people and they’ll either be dicks or indifferent but wow, he was a ridiculous sweetheart and looked so genuinely interested in me and everyone else being there and wow

He wasn’t doing pictures, but they weren’t bothered about people taking pictures of getting stuff signed so my-thoughts-your-dash took a bunch of pictures and pretty much captured the whole thing. I didn’t even realize how much Frank was smiling until I saw the pictures :3

The first is him shaking my hand initially, me saying “hey my name’s betty”. The second, I’m pretty sure was me being hella earnest and saying “thanks for putting words to the shit in my head” and he was like “aww no problem.” Then I was like “I have something for you, if that’s cool” and he was looking at it. It was a pug tea infuser. His response was “that’ll come in handy” and then he thanked me and shook my hand again. His face in the second handshake is hella different from the first <3

I pretty much ran away afterwards and was shaking slightly, because I’m the biggest nerd in nerd town. Meeting someone who’s made important shit for you for like 10 years is a lot, like so much. Gonna be going through frank tags and probably having a bunch of frank feels for a while, or from now on. These pictures make me super happy - I was too enraptured to remember to turn around so my face could actually be in one :P



#TBT #2YearsAgo They’re so cute together :)

by Jacq Applebee of Bisexuals of Colour

BiCon is what you make it. This is especially true if you are a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BME) person. We face so much discrimination and bigotry in our lives for our skin colour, our religion or beliefs, our disabilities if we have them, our sex and sexual orientations.

Going to BiCon can give a much-needed environment where we can feel at home. It is by no means a perfect place, but so much of what makes it great is the openness of the people there.

Isolation is a problem for many bisexuals of colour. The solidarity I have felt from others who identify this way can leave me breathless with affection and sustain me for a whole year. Read More