I’m gonna take a small break from ponies for a little while

It’s just that it’s not as fun as it was before, and I don’t wanna bore myself and make me hate pony stuff later

So yeah, I’ll keep working on my other projects and chill for a while

Also focus on my studies now that Uni has started again

Stay frosty


So here’s another monster girl.  Carnivorous plant lady.  She was a creation of some kinda wizard who has since abandoned his keep.  She and the fatty dragon girl reside there.  There’s more residents, I just haven’t drawn them yet.

They both need names.


So that was a fun stream.  These are really the only ones I’m gonna upload on this blog.  If you wanna check the rest of the pokemon pudge stuff, you can check over on my NSFW blog.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by!

Favorite Flying type

They’ve always seemed so dopey to me.  Also their bio clearly states that they have stubby wings that aren’t good for flying.  Makes me think they just feel bad for them and give them the flying type.

Also, past week has been crazy hectic with things, so I gotta double-time it when I have time to spare.

So one of my D&D characters is a thri-kreen monk, and he’s pretty great.  You’d think that 4 arms for punching would be pretty OP, but part of his vows are to not give in to his more animalistic tendencies and show restraint by only using two of his four hands for fighting.  Doesn’t mean he can’t turn someone’s head into mush with a clap, though.

Also he’s got a boat oar to beat the shit out of things that hands aren’t quite suited for.


The current title for the game would be One Up.

It would be a very acrobatic platformer based entirely around One Ups.  Everything you do in the game gives you more One Ups, and everything purchased in the game uses One Ups as currency.  Sort of like souls in Dark Souls.

You assume the role of a Necroling, an undead humanoid creature with various types of animal skulls for a head, and you live in the “afterlife” plane of reality of your world.  Funny thing is, as soon as something crosses over into the afterlife, a bit of its life stays with it.  And life is kinda sticky, gets all over everything, and if there is enough it can reanimate things.  Like you.  You are a collector, one of the most highly required jobs in the land (as well as the most dangerous), someone who travels the undead planes of reality to mop up any life left lingering around.  Tiny bits of life, when concentrated enough in that tank on your back, become the essential One Up: a piece of life used among the undead as both a form of currency and sustenance.  You work for a collection agency, and they are responsible for putting you back together if you die as well as paying you for doing your job.  At the end of a “run” in an area, you will be paid half of the One Ups you were able to collect.

But as things always tend to be, risk begets reward, and the better a collector you are, the more One Ups you’ll get.  Levels will be comprised of several intersecting routes of varying difficulty, with the harder ones granting you more One Ups as well as being more perilous.  If you can make it out alive (sort of), you’ll be rich.  If you end up busting your bones, you can be reanimated, but it’ll cost you.  One Ups are used to restore you to functionality once more, but the cost increases every time your bones are scattered.  You could very well become a One Up junkie and perform high-flying stunts along perilous paths to get more of those sweet, sweet One Ups, or you could take a safer route and not receive as kingly a reward for it.

Your tool of choice is your trusty SoulSucker Vacuum, used to mop up the goopy remains of life.  Later in the game, you’ll be able to upgrade it to do things like give you a double-jump with a gust, or the ability to stick to walls (or ceilings) briefly.  You also have a billy-club with you, in case some leftover life essence winds up on a bush, or a tiny animal skeleton (hopefully only a tiny one!), to literally beat the life out of it if you so choose.

It’ll be a very high-score oriented game, with lots of ability to backtrack on previous levels with new skills to reach more difficult paths and get more One Ups.  Upgrades, boosts, or cosmetic changes can be bought with One Ups from various merchants located throughout the land.  There is a story to it, involving the agency you work for, but I haven’t fully fleshed it out yet, so to speak.